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A cry for the equality of Muslim Spanish women


Istanbul, May 17 (EFE) .- (Camera: Lara Villalón) "When you put on the hijab, everything is praise. The problem comes when you take it off. The ostracism of the environment, that is what is not talked about", says to Efe Mimunt Hamido Yahia, author of the essay 'They will not cover us', a plea for the equality of Spanish women of Muslim origin.FOOTAGE OF THE INTERVIEW WITH AUTHOR MIMUNT HAMIDO HAYIATRANSLATIONThis book was born and I write it from the need to establish that there are universal rights in the human rights charter and that they are not yet fulfilled, even less in contexts of the Islamic world, to our disgraceThey have treated women as second-class beings, but now in addition to having religion as a reference, there is a religious ideology, and before the 80's it did not existIn Spain, and it is sad to say, it is still thought that the Moorish have another culture and other customs, they do not include us in society, that is why they do not worry about these problemsWhen women born in Muslim contexts and born in Spain say that we are against the veil, we find ourselves with the left parties that tell us that it is a choice, they have the right, and what about the right of women not to wear it?In Spain, let's say a Spanish girl, Mari Carmen, marries when she is 15 years old, it would be something unacceptable, but if a muslim girl, Fatima, marries when she is 15 years old, it is her customs and we must respect them, it is a discourse adopted by the left parties and it is racistThe veil forces women to have certain behaviors, to respect the morality that this idiology dictates for women

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