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Pope asks to defend family and work for young people and women


Rome, May 14 (EFE) .- (Camera: Álvaro Padilla) Pope Francis on Friday called for policies to defend the family and overcome the problem of the decline in the birth rate in Europe, and work for women and young people, so that they do not have to emigrate.FOOTAGE OF ITALIAN PRIME MINISTER, MARIO DRAGHI, AND POPE FRANCISTRANSLATIONSMARIO DRAGHI: "The awareness of the importance of having children must be the product of the improvement of the condition of women, and not contrary to their emancipation. The State must, therefore, accompany this new awareness. Continue investing in the improvement of the conditions of women. And put society, women and men, in the condition of being able to have children. "POPE 2- "It is urgent to offer young people guarantees of a sufficiently stable job, security for the home, attractive for not leaving the country. It is a task that also concerns the world of the economy: how nice it would be to see the number of entrepreneurs grow and companies that, in addition to producing profits, promote lives, that are careful not to exploit people with unsustainable conditions and schedules, that even distribute part of the income to workers, with a view to contributing to an invaluable development, that of the families ".3- "I also think, sadly, of women who get discouraged at work by having children who have to hide their tummies."4- "How is it possible for a woman to be ashamed of the most beautiful gift that life can offer? Not the woman, but society must be ashamed, because a society that does not embrace life stops living. (PAUSE) Children they are the hope that makes a people reborn. Finally in Italy it has been decided to transform a check, defined as unique and universal, into law, for each child that is born ".5- "Italy has been for years with the lowest number of births in Europe, in what is considered to become the old continent not because of its glorious history, but because of its advanced age. This, our country, where every year is like if a city with more than two hundred thousand inhabitants disappeared, in 2020 it reached the lowest number of births since national unity. "6- "The dramatic numbers of births and the frightening of the pandemic demand a change and a responsibility."7- "How many families in recent months have had to work overtime, dividing the house between work and school, with parents who have been teachers, computer technicians, workers, psychologists! The sacrifices required of grandparents, true lifeboats for families. "

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