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Poorest city on the Parisian periphery is turning into a social drama due to the pandemic


Grigny (France), Feb 26 (EFE/EPA).- (Camera: Martí Rodríguez/Mohammed Adra) Almost a year after the pandemic outbreak, Grigny, the poorest city on the Parisian periphery, is experiencing a worsening of its social drama with more young people needing help from a food bank.FOOTAGE OF GRIGNY NEIGHBORHOODS AND NGO "RESTOS DU COEUR" SOUNDBITES OF PHILIPPE RIO, MAYOR OF GRIGNY, AND ZINEB MEDIOUNI, UNDOCUMENTED MIGRANTRIO:1. "Poverty here affects childhood first. Almost 11.50% of the inhabitants are under 30 years of age. We are a city of the world, a host city that must confront the pandemic of poverty, which already existed, but which it is developed together with the covid ".2. "It is unjust, immoral and dangerous that there are pockets of misery in the richest region of Europe, Île de France."3. "We are the youth of France in the suburbs. But this country cannot only be happy with our youth for people like Kylian Mbappé (a native of the city of Bondy), who is a footballer. That is fine. But France must reconcile with its popular areas ”. MEDIOUNI:4. "I am an indocumented person. Ido not have a job, I do not earn anything. I thank the Resto du Coeur because it has helped me a lot. There are people who are not even lucky enough to be helped or anyone who speaks for them. Look at the social shelters like the one I live in ”.5. "I have been in France for three years, without papers. I wait my turn, I'm fine, but there are people, even with papers, who have nothing. I have a warm place to sleep, if it rains I don't get wet, my children are healthy, so am I. I'm not asking for anything else. The papers will arrive one day or another. "

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