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Zagreb debuts its first public "selfie room"


Zagreb (Croatia), Apr 23 (EFE / EPA) .- (Camera: Antonio Bat) Zagreb has had its first public "selfie room" since this week, where fans of mobile phone photos can take self-portraits in front of different backgrounds to upload them to social networks.FOOTAGE FROM THE SELFIE ROOM IN ZAGREBSOUNDBITES OF KRUNA JOSIMOVIC, OWNERTRANSLATIONIt is the first selfieroom in Zagreb, Croatia. We have followed the trends imposed by society and all those social networks, and we decided to make the selfieroom, something already quite popular in the world. We have eight scenes that give good backgrounds and people can have endless fun. That is the point of all this, because in this time of the pandemic there is little occasion like this to put on makeup and have fun, laugh, and have beautiful memories of all that. "

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