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Vaccinated New Yorkers turn out for free marijuana joints


New York, Apr 20 (EFE/EPA).- Coinciding with World Marijuana Day, activists and defenders of legalizing pot in New York City on Tuesday were distributing free joints to anyone over age 21 who could prove that they have received at least one dose of one of the Covid-19 vaccines."Literally if you have gotten your, you know, Pfizer, or Moderna (injection) or whatever, and you can show the card to us today - prove that you got it - we are then going to give you a free joint," Todd Hinden told EFE while he distributed joints on Union Square in downtown New York.Under the equestrian statue of George Washington, who has his arm extended - as a passerby claimed - because he, too, wants to get a joint, Hinden dressed for the occasion in a tuxedo imprinted with green pot leaves and a top hat. (Camera: JUSTIN LANE).SHOT LIST: VOLUNTEERS HAND OUT MARIJUANA CIGARETTES TO ANYONE ABLE TO PROVE THEY HAVE BEEN VACCINATED AGAINST COVID-19 AS PART OF AN EVENT ORGANIZED BY PRO-MARIJUANA ACTIVISTS ON UNION SQUARE IN NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, US.

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