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The effect of Australian wine tariffs in China


Shanghai, Dec 11 (EFE/EPA).-The recent tariffs of up to 212.1 percent on the import of Australian wine in China due to alleged disloyal competition have opened a window to other wine competitors in the largest market of the world.(Camera: ALEX PLAVEVSKI)SHOT LIST: A WINE STORE IN SHANGHAI, CHINA.

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    Beijing, Nov 27 (EFE), (Camera: Alex Plavevski).- China will impose tariffs of up to 212.1 percent on imports of Australian wine starting Saturday as part of temporary measures against alleged unfair competition, or "dumping," according to the country’s Commerce Ministry.In a statement published Friday on its website, the Chinese Commerce Ministry said an investigation into this alleged sale at a loss by Australian exporters has preliminarily concluded that "there is unfair competition in imported wines from Australia."According to the source, "there is a causal relationship between selling at a loss and material damage (in the local industry), and it has been decided to implement temporary measures against unfair competition on the aforementioned products" in the form of tariffs ranging from 107.1 percent to 212.1 percent.FOOTAGE OF WINE SHOPS IN SHANGHAI, CHINA.

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