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Brazil, the country with the highest Trans killing rate in the world


Sao Paulo, Feb 5 (EFE), (CAMERA: Wallace Carvalho) .- Since she was a child, Isabella Souza has suffered beatings and abuse, being a trans woman in Brazil, the country with the highest killing rate for trans people in the world. STATEMENTS Susy Muniz, 28 years old"Being trans is like killing ten lions a day. You have to fight against the whole world, against an entire society, against a policy that wants to exterminate you. You fight to exist, to have the right to your name. Basic things, basic struggles and that wears us down.""For me it was much more attractive for a man to find me sexy, to see me as a sexual object, to see me as a target who he could kill or spank at any moment.""The data from Antra and the homicides against trans women, the trans femicides, reveal the level of cruelty of the murders, which one does not imagine happens in Brazil. People burned, stoned, hanged, people who have their hearts torn out. So, besides the very high number of homicides, there is a cruelty in them ""It is very difficult to have to fight all the time. It hurts to have to fight all the time, it is tiring, exhausting having to fight all the time. We just want to live, be ourselves, be able to dream and be happy"Isabella Souza, 23 years old"My father always hit me because I'm a trans girl. I couldn't dress as a girl, he took me to the salon to cut my hair and he hit me every day. Once, I had to go to school with glasses because of the bruises, dark glasses""I sold my body to buy drugs and used drugs.""To endure the night awake on the avenue I have to be under the effect of chemicals. Because sober, I could not deal with the cold or the idiots who come to cause problems. There are people who come with a box of rotten eggs and throw them at us, with fire extinguishers, cups with urine. We have already been through a lot on the streets."Elasarah Madalena, 32 years old"The other day I was in the public service of the subway and a lady told me that it was a female bathroom. I asked her if she was seeing a man there. She immediately complained to the guard, who came and told me that I could not use the 'Women's bathroom'. If I go to the men's bathroom, what do you think they'll do to me? A thousand things can happen to me dressed like this. I'm not dressed in an ordinary way. I think I'm dressed like a woman my age.""Every human being who is transmuted suffers until they accept their selves. Many do not even succeed and take their own lives before, either because of religion or because of the family. Moreover, sometimes the family itself, the parents, take the life of their children for not accepting them."

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