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Hope, faith, resilience: The watchwords on Uruguay-Brazil border


Rivera, Uruguay, Mar 31 (EFE).- A resounding "no" is the reaction of food stand owner Paco when he sees reporters approaching, though he subsequently acknowledges that he, like most merchants in this town on the border with Brazil, has seen sales plummet by up to 90 percent amid the Covid-19 pandemic.(CAMERA: Federico Anfitti)

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    Sao Paulo, May 29 (EFE).- Uruguay and Argentina have frontiers with Brazil - the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Latin America - that stretch for a combined total of more than 2,000 kilometers (1,240 miles).(CAMERA: Alex Mirkhan)STATEMENTS FROM EDUARDO LEITE IN PORTUGUESE:Q: You have an extensive border, with movement to and from Argentina, as well as Uruguay. Given that cases and deaths in Brazil have surged, how do your neighbors view the situation?A. With respect to Rio Grande do Sul, I think there's a sense that we have the situation under control. I even spoke with the president of Uruguay, (Luis) Lacalle Pou, so we're at each other's disposal and working jointly at the borders. There's a good understanding. Nothing has come (from the neighboring countries) indicating they were concerned about Rio Grande do Sul. But of course they need to observe with concern the figures from northern and northeastern Brazil.Q. Does this mean there's a bi-national (Brazil/Uruguay) commission?A. This doesn't amount to a commission. I had initial contacts with the president of Uruguay this week about the border cities. Santana de Livramento (Brazil) with Rivera (Uruguay), Chui (across from Chuy, Uruguay), and some cities separated only by a bridge like Rio Branco (Uruguay) and Jaguarao (Brazil). The idea is that we work together, with constant monitoring among our health teams in those towns.Q. Are there any plans for re-opening?A. There's no expectation that the restrictions at the borders can be eliminated. There are no conditions that attest that we're problem-free. It's premature to think about this on either side.Q. Have there been any contacts in the case of Argentina?A. Not yet with Argentina's government. But I asked my team to establish contact, especially for the cities where there's the greatest proximity and coexistence.Q. Are you concerned about what your Uruguayan and Argentine neighbors think about Brazil. What message would you send them?A: I understand that the president of the republic (Brazilian head of state Jair Bolsonaro) is sending the wrong message, with little attention to health care and little attention to people's lives and health ... but I can assure you that in the states we're working very hard to control the spread of the coronavirus. We understand that health and the economy are not opposite ends of the spectrum. They go hand-in-hand. They're interdependent. Guaranteeing that people's lives and health are preserved is how we'll provide the certainty so investors keep investing and consumers keep consuming.Q. Two and a half years remain until the presidential balloting, and Bolsonaro already has said he will seek re-election. But there's still no clear candidate among the opposition. Do you intend to contest your party's primaries with a view to competing in the (2022 general election)?A. If we don't know yet what will happen with the coronavirus, we have even less of an idea what the political scenario will be like in 2022 ... We'll see what future missions are in store for me on this political path I've chosen. It's too early to talk about 2022, and no doubt I'll be involved as a citizen before I am as a politician, working so there's a centrist alternative in the country. A centrism that's not an absence of positions but instead an agenda that both lifts up the economy and preserves people's lives. In my region, I've carried out civil service and environmental legislation reforms that were transformative but difficult.

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    Jusque-là, seules les discothèques et les épiceries de nuit devaient proposer des éthylotests à leurs clients. Cette obligation va bientôt s'étendre à tous les magasins qui vendent de l'alcool. Mais Julien Chivé, caviste bordelais, n'est pas vraiment convaincu. "Je trouve que ça ne sert pas à grand-chose. Les gens savent bien qu'après deux verres, il faut s'arrêter si on veut reprendre la voiture. Et les clients rencontrés ce jeudi matin ne voient pas non plus l'intérêt d'en acheter. "Ca me semble absurde", lance l'un d'eux. "De toute façon, après deux verres, on sera positif, donc c'est à chacun de se gérer", explique un autre.Dans l'épicerie de Virgine Matheron, à Talence (Gironde), il est difficile de trouver une place pour les éthylotests. La gérante doit enlever des produits et envisage surtout des coûts supplémentaires. En effet, dans le supermarché Carrefour City, qui en commercialise depuis un an, ces produits ne sont pas très populaires. "On en a vendu trois en un an", confie le gérant. Près de 50 000 commerçants devraient proposer des éthylotests à partir du 1er juillet, sous peine d'une amende de 675 euros.

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