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Crowds enjoy Spring break in Miami Beach amid pandemic


Miami Beach, Mar 27 (EFE/EPA).- A crowd of tourists gathered Saturday to enjoy spring break in Miami Beach, where a curfew has been put into place as an effort to control large crowds in time of pandemic. (Camera: CRISTOBAL HERRERA).SHOT LIST: CROWDS ENJOY SPRING BREAK IN MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, US.

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  • Miami Beach imposes spring break curfew to curtail crowds as pandemic continues

    Miami, Mar 20 (EFE/EPA).- Large crowds of people returned on Saturday to Miami Beach during spring break. Starting Saturday night, the city of Miami Beach declared a state of emergency, imposed a curfew for its entertainment districts and also close the three causeways heading into the beach. The measures are being put into place as an effort to control large crowds that have gathered during spring break. (Camera: CRISTOBAL HERRERA). SHOT LIST: LARGE CROWDS OF PEOPLE GATHER DURING SPRING BREAK, IN MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, US.

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  • Tourists abide by night curfew in Miami Beach

    Miami Beach, Mar 24 (EFE/EPA).- A crowd of tourists gathered Thursday in Miami Beach to drink, listen to music and dance in the street and unlike what happened last Saturday they left peacefully when the police told them that the night curfew had begun.On Saturday the crowd did not comply with orders to leave and confronted the police who ended up detaining more than fifty of them. (Camera: CRISTOBAL HERRERA)SHOT LIST: A PARTY AT A WALKWAY NEAR THE BEACH DURING SPRING BREAK IN MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, US.

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  • People enjoy a sunny day at the beach as Miami Beach reopens

    People flock to South Beach, Florida, to enjoy the sun and the water as Miami Beach reopens after weeks of closure to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. IMAGES

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  • Miami Beach prepares for summer season amid pandemic

    Miami (USA), Jun 8 (EFE / EPA), (Camera: Cristóbal Herrera).- Miami Beach (Florida) prepares to receive the first tourists after several months of lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. FOOTAGE OF MIAMI BEACH.SOUNDBITES OF:-BERNARDO NAVAL, DIRECTOR OF RIU HOTEL IN MIAMI BEACH:“We think that the best news and also advertising we can offer (to our customers) is opening our doors so they can be confident and be sure that they will be ok here and we have taken all measures to prevent the risk of contagion.”“The sector is recovering little by little. We are taking small steps but talking specifically about Miami Beach it seems that there was a good response from the local market: many people who, after several months of lockdown, wanted to go outside and enjoy the good weather…”-MARVIN TORRES, EMPLOYEE AT RESTAURANT ON OCEAN 7 CAFÉ:“As an employee of this restaurant I’m glad because we have reopened, we are working... The only downsides have been the rain, the protests...and only a few customers come but we are doing it little by little, tourism will grow and, when beaches reopen, we’ll probably be better."

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  • Security reinforced during Miami Beach’s spring break

    Spring Break is a US holiday known for excessive partying, but in Miami Beach, one of the centers of the festivities, it's becoming so big and chaotic that Miami Beach Police are using riot police for back up.

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