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Amazon Turning Off Parler’s Servers


Added on the 10/01/2021 18:04:21 - Copyright : Wochit

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    QAnon believers say President Donald Trump is heroically fighting a 'deep state' run by a cabal of satanic pedophiles. The far-right conspiracy theory group also played a central role in the violent, deadly January 6 siege of the US Capitol building. And now, Amazon wants absolutely nothing to do with its members--or its merchandise. CNN reports Amazon is banning QAnon merchandise from its marketplace, and is in the process of removing QAnon products. The company said it may take a few days to rid itself entirely of QAnon T-shirts, flags, bumper stickers, and the like.

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  • App Parler sues Amazon for cutting internet service

    The messaging app Parler has sued Amazon for cutting its web-hosting service, effectively shutting it down. The social media platform has come under fire for posts by far-right users that encourage violence, including conversations linked to last week's storming of the US Congress. Also in today's show - CES 2021 kicks off an all-digital event, and the price of bitcoin plunges amid warnings from regulators. 

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  • Social media app Parler goes dark as Amazon, Apple and Google pull support

    Parler, a largely unmoderated social network popular among America's far-right movement, went dark on Monday as Amazon Web Services revoked its hosting. The platform is believed to have played a pivotal role in inciting last week's storming of the US Capitol. Amazon's move follows similar decisions by Google and Apple to remove Parler from their app stores. Also, China hits back at the US over the de-listing of Chinese telecoms shares and the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show goes online amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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    In this week's FCA Replay, FCA goes virtual at the Consumer Electronics Show with three-demensional product tours and a virtual brand ambassador to guide viewers through the products and technologies of 12 FCA vehicles; FCA and Archer form a partnership to enable future innovative, environmentally-friendly transportation solutions; FCA will be the first automaker to implement Amazon's Alexa Custom Assistant, and Jeep expands premium customer loyalty program to Canada.

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