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Germany acknowledges colonial-era genocide in Namibia


Foreign Minister Heiko Maas says that Germany for the first time recognises that it had committed genocide in Namibia during its colonial occupation, with Berlin promising financial support worth more than one billion euros to aid projects in the African nation.

Added on the 28/05/2021 17:10:28 - Copyright : AFP EN

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  • Germany recognizes colonial killings in Namibia as genocide

    Germany has reached an agreement with Namibia that will see it officially recognize as genocide the colonial-era killings of tens of thousands of people and commit to spending a total of 1.1 billion euros ($1.3 billion), largely on development projects. FRANCE 24's Emmanuelle Chaze tells us more.

    28/05/2021 - France 24 EN
  • Germany apologises for colonial-era genocide in Namibia

    Germany apologised on Friday for its role in the slaughter of Herero and Nama tribespeople in Namibia more than a century ago and officially described the massacre as genocide for the first time, as it agreed to fund projects worth over a billion euros.

    28/05/2021 - France 24 EN
  • Germany admits Namibia genocide, but critics want more

    Germany admits  committing genocide during its colonial rule of Namibia, hundred of thousands of people flee Goma fearing a second volcanic eruption, and a report out of South Africa show just how much invasive species are costing the continent.

    28/05/2021 - France 24 EN
  • Protest outside embassy in Namibia after Germany admits genocide

    Traditional leaders of Namibia's Herero and Nama leaders gather outside Germany's embassy in Windhoek, protesting against the country's offer of financial reparations. IMAGES

    28/05/2021 - AFPTV - First images
  • Germany recognises atrocities committed in Namibia as genocide

    IN THE PRESS – Friday, May 28, 2021: We start with a Rwandan paper hailing Emmanuel Macron's decision to ask for forgiveness for France's role in the 1994 genocide, even though he stopped short of apologising. Meanwhile, Germany has gone a step further by recognising atrocities committed in Namibia as genocide and offering €1 billion to the affected communities. We finish with a look at reactions to Joe Biden's decision to probe the theory that Covid-19 was leaked from a lab in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

    28/05/2021 - France 24 EN

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