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Protests against the Thai government continue in Bangkok


Bangkok (Thailand), Jul 2 (EFE / EPA) .- (Camera: Narong Sangnak) .- Hundreds of anti-government protesters protested this Friday in front of the Government House in Bangkok to press with their demands for reform of the monarchy and request the resignation of Thai Prime Minister Payut Cha-o-Cha.FOOTAGE FROM THE ANTI-GOVERNMENT PROTEST HELD IN BANGKOK, THAILAND.

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    Bangkok (Thailand), 20 July, EFE/EPA, (Camera: Narong Sangnak).- Student activists demonstrated against the Thai government on Monday and more protests are planned in the coming weeks despite being banned under the emergency Covid-19 laws in the Southeast Asian country. On Monday, dozens of people turned up to demonstrate outside the Thai Army headquarters in Bangkok to call on the forces not to get involved in politics after a military spokeswoman criticized the protests at the weekend. FOOTAGE OF A PROTESTOR'S HUNGER STRIKE AGAINST THE THAI GOVERNMENT IN BANGKOK

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    Bangkok, Aug 28 (EFE/EPA).- Thai students and activists demonstrated once again on Friday in Bangkok to call for political reforms in the country.The protests have been repeated almost daily and so far, 11 people have been arrested for their participation, including students, activists and musicians. (Camera: NARONG SANGNAK). FOOTAGE SHOWS RALLIES IN BANGKOK, THAILAND.

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    Bangkok, Oct 18 (EFE/EPA).- (Camera: Diego Azubel/Rungroj Yongrit/Narong Sangnak)Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Bangkok on Sunday for the fifth consecutive day demanding democratic reforms and a change of government.Police ordered the closure of at least 20 stations in the capital’s public transport network in an unsuccessful bid to prevent another day of mass protests.Authorities also ordered the closure of almost the entire public transport system in the city on Saturday under a state of emergency imposed by the government on Thursday. FOOTAGE OF THE PROTESTS.

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    Bangkok, Nov 27 (EFE), (Camera: Rungroj Yongrit).- From inflatable ducks to dinosaurs and the saga of "The Hunger Games," pro-democracy protests led by students in Thailand are showing great creativity through symbols and humorous memes.The protesters, who have called for protests Friday and the weekend, are calling for deep reforms in the country to reduce the power of the military and the monarchy, breaking the taboo around the royal family.For their audacity, most of its leaders have been accused of lese majesty and sedition, which carries long prison sentences, but they have not lost their humor in the demonstrations, held in a festive atmosphere and with a large dose of irony since July.FOOTAGE OF THE PROTESTS ON FRIDAY IN BANGKOK.

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