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Meet the people and companies looking towards our future needs


Explore the latest medical industry innovations, find out how Dubai is using AI to prepare for the future and discover how Tunisia is leading the way in seaweed farming to produce an alternative to meat.

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  • Success in Real-Time

    The world is constantly changing. In order to succeed, a company must be flexible, open and able to react fast to emerging trends. Through integrating groundbreaking new technologies, Dell’s IT solutions are helping people to transform their business to meet today’s challenges and be ready for tomorrow’s. By turning big data into actionable insights, companies can confidently make informed decisions in real-time. From Cloud, big data, and security, to mobility, storage and networking, Dell has the technology your business needs succeed now and in the future. Is your business future-ready?

    04/05/2015 - Dell
  • French pension reform plans raise concern among manual workers

    The French government's plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 has many people worried, especially those who work in physically demanding professions. Though the government says there will be possibilities for early retirement based on working conditions, we meet French metalworkers who remain concerned about their future. Also in this bulletin, Uniqlo owner Fast Retailing is raising wages for its Japanese employees by 40 percent. A week earlier, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida had urged companies to do more to help people with inflation. But first, we look at the World Bank's gloomy forecast for the world economy in 2023.

    11/01/2023 - France 24 EN
  • 2020 & Beyond: Tailoring the Web for a New Era of Business

    As the lines between business and personal become more and more blurred, the needs of users continue to change, and the platforms and technologies people turn to must evolve along with them. This creates a unique challenge for business and technology leaders whose top priorities are enabling their workforce and keeping them safe while they work on the web and across cloud apps. How can companies meet these goals in a time when the future is more uncertain than ever? Join Forbes and Google Chrome where we’ll discuss the state of the web in 2020, and where it’s heading in the future. Hear from enterprise tech leaders who will share how they’ve adapted to support a changing world of web and cloud users and how they are working to improve their web-based technologies.

    01/10/2020 - Google
  • Invest in Africa tops agenda as mining companies meet in Cape Town

    Mining companies gather this week in Cape Town, South Africa, for the first major industry conference of the year. A predominant theme is investment in Africa, which has the potential to play a major role in providing the minerals for a transition to a lower carbon economy, but concerns about high interest rates and faltering economies are likely to weigh.

    08/02/2023 - France 24 EN
  • Brussels wants hydrogen to help fuel the future, but can it be done in time to meet climate goals?

    The European Commission wants to produce 10 million tonnes of hydrogen per year by 2030.

    05/01/2023 - Euronews EN
  • 'I'll be here for as long as people want': Meet the world’s last bulk seller of floppy disks

    Gen Z's are probably scratching their heads about what they are but a surprising number of industries still rely on floppy disks.

    21/10/2022 - Euronews EN
  • Scholz advocates for a future 36-member European Union 'of free and equal people'

    The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke at the Congress of the Party of European Socialists in Berlin, calling for more military autonomy of the EU and expansion reforms

    16/10/2022 - Euronews EN
  • Meet Thailand's 'Chicano' community

    Dressed in baggy T-shirts and jeans, with bandanas and wraparound sunglasses only partially obscuring their intricate tattoos, Thais can now be seen on Bangkok's sweaty streets celebrating a fusion of their own and Chicano culture each weekend. But while the Chicano movement in the US began as a political and social force aimed at battling oppression, its Thai interpretation is focused more on its aesthetics.

    20/03/2022 - AFP EN

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