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Young Chinese incorporate meditation to combat work-related stress


Shanghai, Sep 6 (EFE/EPA).- With work-related stress on the rise in China, young people are beginning to incorporate the Buddhist practice of meditation in their daily lives.Intense competition at workplace, endless hours at the office and increasing costs of living in large Chinese cities, apart from the Covid-19 pandemic since last year, are responsible for nearly 35 percent of people in China facing psychological issues, according to a study by the Shanghai Mental Health Center.Local news portal Sixth Tone reported that despite the impact of Covid-19 on economic activity, the number of yoga studios rose by nine percent in 2020, a trend that - although there are no official data - has also been noticed in similar practices such as meditation. (Camera: ALEX PLAVEVSKI).B-ROLL OF THE CREATIVE SHELTER IN SHANGHAI, CHINA.SOUND BITE: HUANG XINYI, OWNER OF THE CREATIVE SHELTER (IN ENGLISH).

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