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Historic trial of 20 men involved in 2015 Paris terror attacks begins


The trial of 20 men charged in the 2015 Paris terror attacks began on Wednesday.

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  • Trial of 20 men accused in 2015 Paris attacks to begin

    In a secure complex embedded within a 13th-century courthouse, France on Wednesday will begin the trial of 20 men accused in the Islamic State group’s 2015 attacks on Paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds injured. FRANCE 24's Claire Paccalin lives from the Palais de Justice in Paris.

    08/09/2021 - France 24 EN
  • 2015 Paris terror attacks: The biggest trial in French history begins

    France is putting on trial 20 men accused in the Islamic State group's 2015 attacks on Paris that left 130 people dead and hundreds injured. The proceedings begin Wednesday in an enormous custom-designed chamber. Nine gunmen and suicide bombers struck within minutes of each other at the national soccer stadium, the Bataclan concert hall and restaurants and cafes on Nov. 13, 2015. The lone survivor of the extremist cell from that night is among those being tried for the deadliest attack in France since World War II. Michael Dantinne, Professor in Criminology at the University of Liege, addresses this important milestone. "This trial is really an important step for the victims, those who have been wounded or injured, and those who lost members of their families." But Mr. Dantinne reminds us that "it is only a step in the recovery process of the victims" and that we will need to tone down any expectations. "It won't have any magical effect," warns Mr. Dantinne, "the trial is not going to clear all that had happened, all of their suffering, etc." Mr. Dantinne concludes by explaining one very important aspect of the trial. "The trial will be recorded to be used in the school. We mustn't forget what happened in France in November 2015."

    07/09/2021 - France 24 EN
  • Trial begins in Paris for the terrorist attacks of November 13, 2015

    Paris (France), Sep 8 (EFE / EPA).- (camera: Mario García) Salah Abdeslam, the main defendant who appeared this Wednesday in the trial for the massacre in the Bataclan concert hall and the other terrorist attacks of the November 13, 2015, attracted attention at the first hearing by claiming his membership in the Islamic State (IS) and making religious invocations.footage OF THE PALACE OF JUSTICE OF PARIS, WITH THE SECURITY DEVICE AND THE ENTRANCE OF THE VICTIMS AND FAMILY MEMBERS IN THE COURT ROOM.soundbites from ARTHUR DENOUVEAUX, PRESIDENT OF THE LIFE FOR PEACE ASSOCIATION AND GÉRALDINE BERGER-STENGER, ATTORNEY OF THE FRENCH ASSOCIATION OF VICTIMS OF TERRORISM (AFVT).Translation:- Arthur Denouveaux, president of the Life for Peace association, of victims of these attacks, on possible provocative statements by the terrorists:"The French Justice has been used to provocations by terrorists for decades. It is a way of avoiding its responsibilities and not responding to its responsibilities. It would not be a surprise if it happened in this process."- Arthur Denouveaux, on what he expects from the process:"I hope that a normal French justice will respond to an act of the most abominable, of the most abnormal possible. That would be a sample of the quality of our democracy in the face of terrorism."- Géraldine Berger-Stenger, lawyer for the French Association of Victims of Terrorism (AFVT), represents 37 victims, on what she expects from the trial:"For the victims it is important that they can speak, have explanations about the preparation of the attacks. Above all, that the victims can speak. Then the sentence will come with the sentences at the height of the facts that are being judged now."- On the possible provocative statements of the terrorists:“Personally and as a lawyer, I don't expect much. If we have explanations, the better. But I have warned my clients not to expect anything flashy. I have warned you. "

    08/09/2021 - EFE Inglés
  • France begins marathon trial over November 2015 Paris attacks

    The biggest trial in France's modern history begins on Wednesday with 20 suspects accused over attacks in Paris that saw 130 people killed in November 2015, an expected nine months of hearings set to reopen still raw wounds.FRANCE 24's Claire Paccalin lives from Paris.

    08/09/2021 - France 24 EN
  • Lawyers in court for second day of Paris 2015 terror attacks trial

    Lawyers for the various parties arrive at court on the second day of the closing arguments in the trial of the January 2015 attacks in Paris. The national anti-terrorist prosecutor's office is due to announce the sentences required against the 14 defendants, described as the linchpin of the attacks. IMAGES

    08/12/2020 - AFPTV - First images
  • Covid-19 : transfert exceptionnel de huit patients en réanimation de Tahiti vers Paris

    Le transfert de ces patients vers la métropole doit permettre d'alléger la pression sur les services de réanimation en Polynésie, actuellement l'un des territoires français les plus durement touchés par l'épidémie de Covid-19.

    19/09/2021 - Euronews FR

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