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Bolivia begins month of Mother Earth with ancestral rituals


El Alto, Aug 1 (EFE).- Bolivians on Sunday began the month dedicated to Pachamama, or Mother Earth, with ancestral rituals and offerings to give thanks for the past year and ask for renewed prosperity.August is the month chosen for the offerings because the first agricultural season in the Andean world concludes and, according to the indigenous communities, at this time of the year Mother Earth "opens her mouth" to feed herself with offerings.(Camera: GINA BALDIVIESO)SHOT LIST: RITUALS AND OFFERINGS DELIVERED TO MOTHER EARTH AT THE WARACO APACHETA SITE, ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF EL ALTO (BOLIVIA).SOUND BITES: MARIANO CONDORI (IN SPANISH)TRANSLATIONS: This month has always been for our ancestors, for our grandparents, the month of August is called Marani, or Kanipatzi, the mouth opens. Why? Because when they do the sowing in the field, the plow is done, the land is broken and the toads appear. That is called 'marani' and all of that we worship. 'Marani' are those who give fertility to the land and also the blessing to each man or woman who offers a table

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