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Cordoba (Spain), Aug 13 (EFE).- (Camera: Rafa Alcaide) Fifteen Spanish regions are on high alert for high temperatures on Friday, one of them in extreme risk, Andalusia, with maximums of 46ºC.FOOTAGE OF CORDOBA.

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    Cordoba/Madrid/A Coruña, 27 July (EFE), (Camera: Juanma Rodríguez).- High temperatures of up to 42 degrees will keep orange or yellow level warnings active this Monday in practically the entire country, except in Asturias and the Canary Islands. The State Meteorological Agency forecasts significantly high temperatures on Monday in central and eastern Andalusia, with 42 degrees in Cordoba and 41 in Granada and Jaén. Galicia is also experiencing warm temperatures similar to the rest of Spain. FOOTAGE OF MADRID, CORDOBA AND GALICIA

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    Cordoba (Spain), Aug 14 (EFE).- Spain is on high alert due to the heatwave that is hitting continental Europe, leaving extreme heat in the Mediterranean country with temperatures going up to 46ºC.FOOTAGE OF CORDOBA.

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    Cordoba (Spain), Aug 16 (EFE).- One of the “most intense” heatwaves experienced in Spain is receding after several days of dangerously high temperatures and outbreaks of wildfires, the national weather service Aemet said Monday. Although relatively short in duration, having begun on 11 August, Aemet said that on Saturday 230 of its stations detected temperatures higher than 40C (104F) and that 26 recorded highs above 45C. The heat is due to continue until midweek in Spain’s Canary Islands.FOOTAGE OF CORDOBA.

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    San Sebastián (Spain), Sep 6 (EFE).- Crowded beaches and walkers looking for shade summer temperatures are expected in San Sebastián, north of Spain, on Monday and with a more typical image of August than September.According to the AEMET, the Basque Country is on a yellow alert due to high temperatures that can reach 35ºC in Basque Country.FOOTAGE OF SAN SEBASTIÁN, PEOPLE ON THE BEACH OF LA CONCHA BATHING, WALKING, AND THROUGH THE STREETS.

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