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EU vote on sustainable energy is 'a win for the old fossil nuclear world and a loss for the climate'


European Union lawmakers voted to include natural gas and nuclear in the bloc's list of sustainable activities, backing a proposal from the EU's executive arm that has been drawing fierce criticism from environment groups and now looks set to trigger legal challenges. As the EU wants to set the best global standards in the fight against climate change, the decision could tarnish the bloc's image and question the region's commitment to reaching climate neutrality by 2050. For more analysis on the EU vote on sustainable activities, FRANCE 24 is Joined by Michael Bloss, German MEP representing the Greens/EFA. He describes the EU vote as a "disaster." Mr. Bloss said the ultimate goal is "the Green Deal and transformation towards 100% renewables and now gas and nuclear are being labeled as green. But this is misleading because they are not sustainable. Gas is a climate killer and nuclear energy is very risky."

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