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Volcano ashes cover 3,304 hectares in La Palma


La Palma (Spain), Oct 2 (EFE).- The ash expelled by the new volcano of La Palma since the start of its eruption on 19 September has covered a surface of 3,304 hectares.FOOTAGE OF THE LA PALMA ISLAND.

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  • Ashes of the volcano cover 1,314 hectares

    Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Sep 26 (EFE) (Camera: EFE) .- The lava from the volcano that erupted a week ago in the Cumbre Vieja area, on the island of La Palma, has covered about 210 hectares of land, but the area covered by the ashes extends for 1,314 hectares, according to the latest measurements of the system of European Earth Observation Satellites, Copernicus. ASH CLEANING FOOTAGE.

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  • La Palma announces new lockdown for 3,000 as lava reaches the sea

    The measure will be maintained for at least 24 hours.

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  • New lava flows keep La Palma on alert, scorch over 500 hectares

    Santa Cruz de La Palma, Oct 12 (EFE).- New lava flows that emerged during a volcanic eruption underway in Spain’s Canary Islands, which has scorched an area of around 525.77 hectares in three weeks, continued to keep emergency services on standby Tuesday.The new lava streams that emerged over the weekend after a partial collapse of the northern flank of the cone have increased magma output but the direction of the engorged flows remains stable.According to the report published Tuesday by the Government's Department of Homeland Security (DSN), the most active flow is currently the one that is further north. (Camera: EFE).B-ROLL OF THE LAVA FLOWING FROM LA PALMA'S VOLCANIC ERUPTION IN LA PALMA, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN.

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  • Cleaning the ashes daily from the streets in La Palma

    Tazacorte (Spin), Oct 7 (EFE) .- The activity of the volcano has remained stable during the last hours, with "constant behavior" and the lava flowing through a single stream in a fluid way.FOOTAGE OF CLEANING DUTIES IN LA PALMA, SPAIN

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    El Paso (Spain), Sep 29 (EFE), (Camera: Ángel Medina) .- The eruption in Cumbre Vieja is not only destroying one of the most fertile agricultural plains in the Canary Islands, but also broke into the heart of livestock of La Palma, in a handful of mountain neighborhoods where goats or sheep are more than the engine of small artisan cheese factories, they are part of the family, the expression of a secular way of life.FOOTAGE OF AN ANIMAL SHELTER IN LA PALMA, SPAIN

    29/09/2021 - EFE Inglés

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