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Spain's volcano marks one month of explosive activity, shows no signs of abating


La Palma, Oct 19 (EFE).- The Cumbre Vieja volcano has been spewing lava and ash for a month and the rivers of red-hot magma flooding the Spanish island of La Palma have flattened nearly 2,000 buildings and engulfed 763 hectares of land, an area greater than 1,000 soccer fields, the Spanish Department of National Security (DSN) reported Tuesday.The rumbling volcano shows no signs of abating and dense lava flows that appeared after the partial collapse of the northern flank of the cone are heading west and northwest within the exclusion zone, the DSN added. (Camera: EFE).SHOT LIST: THE LAVA FLOWS FROM LA PALMA VOLCANO IN LA PALMA, CANARY ISLANDS, SPAIN.

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