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Activists protest against climate change in London


London, Oct 15 (EFE/EPA).- Climate change protesters from the organisation Jubilee for Climate climbed St.Paul's Cathedral Friday and hung a banner during a demonstration in London.Jubilee for Climate is campaigning for the cancelation of debts, reforming land rights, and embracing practical progressive policies needed to prevent social, economic, and ecological crises. (Camera: ANDY RAIN)SHOT LIST: JUBILEE FOR CLIMATE ORGANIZATION SUPPORTERS AND ACTIVISTS PROTESTING AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE IN LONDON, UK.

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    London (UK), Sep 1 (EFE/EPA), (Camera: Facundo Arrizabalaga).- Nearly a thousand activists from the environmental organization Extinction Rebellion protested Tuesday in front of the British Parliament, which reopened its doors today after a summer recess, to demand urgent measures against the climate crisis. The London police have arrested at least five demonstrators who had blocked one of the streets surrounding the Palace of Westminster, seat of the House of Commons. The environmental group plans to carry out ten days of protests in various cities of the United Kingdom.FOOTAGE OF THE PROTEST

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