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Bangkok's Magical Unicorn Cafe is a Land of Fairy Tales and Dreams


If you're looking for an overdose of sugar, magic, stuffed animals, and pink, Bangkok's Unicorn Cafe might just be the place for you. Get ready to step out of the real world and into a real-life hallucination, where nothing is as it seems and unicorns are everywhere. Customers can browse through and purchase a variety of unicorn outfits that they can put on before ordering some of the cafe's other-worldly menu items, which include many types of rainbow cakes, rainbow smoothies, unicorn burgers, and even a rainbow themed spaghetti carbonara. Unicorn-themed murals cover the walls, unicorn carpets are all over the floor, and there are unicorn statues, unicorn dolls, and unicorn stuffed animals all over the place. The café even offers merchandise from stuffed animals to unicorn-themed power banks, guaranteeing a full battery for customers mobile phones for relentless picture-taking in the magical place. The intense colors and crazy toys are definitely not for everyone, but if you are a big fan of bright rainbows, mythical creatures, and an endless supply of toys, this is the place for you. Join magically-minded locals and tourists and come out to experience the fairy tale of the unicorn-themed cafe in the Thai capital for yourself.

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