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Top 3 Things NOT to Do In A Heat Wave


What NOT to do in a heat wave !

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  • July Is Expected To Be The Hottest Month Ever Recorded On Earth

    Climate scientists predict that July will continue to heat up and the month will officially become the hottest month in recorded history. Mother Nature Network reports that although there's still a week in the month, experts say the July 2017 record will likely be broken. July falls on the heels of a record-breaking June, which was the hottest June ever recorded on Earth. Europe has been in the grips of a record breaking scorching heatwave for most of June and July. Intense record-breaking heat has also settled over the U.S. East Coast and Midwest, affecting about one-third of the population.

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    The UK will be caught in the grips of a heatwave this week that could set new temperature records for July. The sweltering weather is expected to set a new all-time record and a new overnight record. Temperatures across the country will climb from moderately hot temps on Monday to scorching temps on Thursday. According to CNN, the mercury could reach 37 degrees Celcius (98.6 degrees Fahrenheit) this week. This week's highs are forecasted to top the country's July 2015 record of 36.7 degrees Celsius (98.1 degrees Fahrenheit).

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    Northern India grapples with heatwave conditions as temperatures rise above 50 degrees Celsius, or 122 degrees Fahrenheit, triggering warnings of water shortages and heatstroke.

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    Temperatures in the Australian city of Sydney reached 47.3 degrees Celsius (117.1 degrees Fahrenheit) on Sunday, meteorologists say, making it the hottest place on Earth and the city's warmest day in nearly 80 years.

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  • 2 Out Of 3 Europeans To Be Affected By Climate Change

    According to a study published Friday in the journal Lancet Planetary Health, by the end of the century, two out of three people living in Europe will be affected by heat waves, coastal floods and other weather-related disasters. The study says this is largely due to global warming and climate change. This means that 350 million people in 31 countries subjected to an increased risk of death and health hazards. Overall, weather-related disasters are expected to cause 152,000 deaths a year in Europe between 2071 and 2100. This is a jump in number from 3,000 weather disaster-related deaths a year between 1981 and 2010.

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