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Happy Howl-o-ween from Ruptly with this Corgi Costume Parade


What do you get when you cross dozens of Corgis with all sorts of different costumes? A Corgi Costume Parade of course! Dozens of Corgi owners dressed up their pups in imaginative costumes just so they could take part in the annual Corgi Halloween parade in downtown Annapolis on Sunday. Organised by the Annapolis Corgi Club, the parade saw Corgis dressed as lions, minions, cowboys, hot dogs, lobsters - you name it, there was probably a Corgi costume at the parade. Entry to the event was free but participants were encouraged to donate in order to cover permit costs. Grinning from ear to ear, the cute canines took to the streets around 11:00 local time and started just outside the Paws Pet Boutique pet supply store. Corgis and their human participants walked around the historic State Circle up to Main Street and then north towards City Dock. Hundreds of locals and tourists turned up to snap photos at the spooky event and cheer on the little pups as they strutted their stuff. The Corgis stole the show as their fancy costumes invaded Annapolis just one day before Halloween. It's hard to imagine how any human could possibly show them up.

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