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Paris, 13 November 2015: a night of terror



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  • Paris November 13 attacks: the night terror took over the city

    The trial of 20 people charged over the November 13, 2015 jihadist attacks in Paris, that were France's deadliest peacetime atrocity, will get underway on September 8, 2021. 130 people were killed and 350 wounded when Islamist suicide bombers and gunmen attacked the Stade de France stadium, bars and restaurants in central Paris and the Bataclan concert hall. More than five years after the events and in the lead up to the trial, AFP spoke to survivors, first responders and former government officials about that night.

    02/09/2021 - AFP EN
  • November 13, 2015: The story of the survivors

    France is marking five years since the Paris terrorist attacks of November 13, when 130 people lost their lives in a series of coordinated attacks across the city. We speak with Guillaume Denoix de Saint Marc, Founder and President of the French Association for Victims of Terrorism, about how those who survived that terrible night are coping, especially amid a fresh wave of terror attacks in France.

    13/11/2020 - France 24 EN
  • Former French President Hollande to testify in Paris attacks trial

    Former French leader Francois Hollande will testify Wednesday in the trial over the November 2015 Paris terror attacks, facing questions over how a jihadist commando was able to evade detection while preparing the atrocities that would shake France to its core. Hollande, president from 2012 to 2017, was attending a France-Germany football friendly on the night of November 13, 2015 at the Stade de France stadium in Paris when the first bomber detonated his vest. FRANCE 24's James André reports.

    10/11/2021 - France 24 EN
  • Police chief at Bataclan attack: I try to focus on the positives

    Paris, Sep 8 (EFE).- (Camera: Antonio Torres del Cerro) Police chief Christophe Molmy was haunted by the horrifying scenes that unfolded at the Bataclan theater during the terror attacks on 13 November 2015 in Paris but found that focusing on the lives he saved has helped him cope with the ordeal. SOUNDBITES IN FRENCH OF CHRISTOPHE MOLMY, THE COMMISSIONER WHO LED THE POLICE ASSAULT IN BATACLAN. TRANSLATION: 1- “We learn to distance ourselves from what we see, people we don’t know. We train ourselves to not let ourselves be taken over by our emotions and remain professional. But, we are very attentive to our collaborators. Our distress, the distress I always felt throughout these operations… I didn’t tell them, to avoid adding stress. But I was always anxious at the idea of losing a colleague.” 2-“In fact I lost someone very close to me in Bataclan. So I had to deal with that as well. There’s a moment where that takes over the rest. Throughout the night, I was mostly motivated by that. By being close to their family. It kind of erased the professional aspect, which was still there, but sort of faded.” 3-“We had a hard time, but it’s about achieving to distance oneself from the victims. You have to condition yourself. We do it instinctively, like doctors for example. We cannot stop and let ourselves be taken over when we see dead people, or wounded victims asking you for help. You have to keep your distance. With time, we have met some victims, who wanted to join the service, which melts the armor a little, it makes us a bit more fragile, I think. But we are human and they are formidable people, I was delighted to meet them.” 4-“The image of dead people laying on the ground, the noise… But with time… it went really fast… I’m not stalked by it. I try to turn towards the positive results.” 5-“I think that the guys did an incredible job. Great guys who were there because they deserved it, they have amazing skills. But part of it was luck as well, or we were helped, I don’t know I’m no psychic. But the result is incredible. Because stepping into a corridor and managing to get all hostages out is impossible in theory. I try to cling to that, and those hostages. They came, actually, and gave me a photo. You have to hold on to that and think ‘these people are alive,’ you know.” 6-“We received drawings by children, we kept them. Little kids… However, something really really touching was during a ceremony. Every year there’s a ceremony in front of the Bataclan. It was the second year I think, second or third year… A woman came to me, she grabbed me and thanked me in tears. Saying ‘I wanted to thank you, thank you.’ And saying ‘my son died in the Bataclan.’ I found that very unsettling because… I really didn’t know what to say, since his son is dead. We can’t say we were efficient in this case. When we arrived, he was already dead. And here was this woman, nonetheless, thanking us anyway. That really moved me.”

    08/09/2021 - EFE Inglés
  • France commemorates 6th anniversary of Paris terror attacks that killed 130

    France has been holding commemorations to mark the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks in the capital that left 130 people dead.

    13/11/2021 - Euronews EN
  • Historic trial of 20 men involved in 2015 Paris terror attacks begins

    The trial of 20 men charged in the 2015 Paris terror attacks began on Wednesday.

    08/09/2021 - Euronews EN
  • What happened on 13 November 2015 horrific night in Paris?

    The biggest trial in France's modern history opens on Wednesday of 20 suspects charged over the November 2015 Paris attacks that saw 130 people killed, with an expected nine months of hearings set to reopen still raw wounds.

    08/09/2021 - France 24 EN
  • 2015 Paris terror attacks: Last surviving suspect testifies about night of killings

    The last surviving suspected assailant in the deadly 2015 Paris attacks told a court Wednesday that he changed his mind about going through with the killings at the last moment. "The objective I was given was to go to a cafe in the 18th" district in northern Paris, Salah Abdeslam told the special Paris court hearing the case.

    14/04/2022 - France 24 EN

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