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Republicans building stronger anti-abortion plank in platform


“We must maintain law and order at the highest level or we will cease to have a country, 100 percent. Republicans are considering strengthening the already strict anti-abortion language in their party platform by condemning Planned Parenthood and calling for Supreme Court justices who will reverse decisions in favor of abortion rights.

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    Missouri’s only abortion clinic will remain open for now, according to Reuters. A state arbiter ordered a stay in response to the state health department’s refusal to renew the clinic’s license. The clinic would have had to stop abortion services on Friday if the commission did not grant the stay. The stay allows the Missouri clinic to stay open until its initial Aug. 1 hearing date. “There are two things that remain unchanged in Missouri: the uncertainty our patients face, and our will to continue fighting for their right to access safe, legal abortion.” Dr. Colleen McNicholas If officials succeed in closing the clinic, Missouri will be the only state without a legal abortion facility.

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