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Oil And Gas Companies Are Running Politics


So far this year, oil and gas companies have spent $71.3 million lobbying | Fusion Fusion Menu Main Menu News Justice Pop & Culture Sex & Life Real Future Voices Shows AMERICA with Jorge Ramos The Chris Gethard Show Democracy Handbook Drug Wars My Selfie Life Nightline on Fusion No, You Shut Up! Real Future Show Soccer Gods Trump vs. Bernie TV Schedule Channel Lineup More Americas The Naked Truth Project Earth Money Your Voice 2016 Rise Up: Be Heard Graphic Culture Interactives Video FUSION en Español Contributors Newsletter Search Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram Snapchat Newsletter Fusion So far this year, oil and gas companies have spent $71.3 million lobbying Email Tweet Share So far this year, oil and gas companies have spent $71.3 million lobbying By Fusion | September 20, 2016 Share Tweet WhatsApp Email Embed Video × Copy Link http://fus.in/2cmvpf7 Embed Code The Young Turks discuss how the involvement of oil and gas companies is an issue in American politics.

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  • Oil And Gas Industry Fuel Republican Campaigns

    Millionaires involved in the oil and gas industry have pumped millions of dollars into Republican presidential campaigns this election cycle. Approximately $107 million was given to Republican Super Pacs before any votes were even cast. About a third of donors who give money to republican candidates are involved in the fossil fuels industry. Ted Cruz in particular received 57 percent of his Super PAC money from the oil and gas industry. The Texas senator is a known climate change denier who in December told NPR that science doesn't support climate change. The level of funding from this sector has raised questions about how much power they would have if a Republican wins the White House.

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  • How Long Can North Dakota's Oil-Based Economy Hold On?

    Oil prices may be reaching the bottom of the barrel – but for the state that was at the epicenter of the shale-oil boom in the past few years, North Dakota has ridden out this year’s bust. So far. Mining layoffs hit the self-styled “legendary” state, with about 10,000 total jobs lost over the past 12 months ending in October, but the total unemployment rate in North Dakota is 2.8%, far below the 5% average nationwide. But if oil prices remain at the current six-year low of around $35 a barrel, 2016 could bring some pain. Low oil prices led Moody’s Analytics to forecast that North Dakota “will underperform the nation for the next several years and will flirt with recession through early 2016.” Local news reports also say the state is dealing with a record number of unemployment insurance claims this year, mostly from seasonal workers.

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    In two of the most daring days in the modern environmental movement, Greenpeace activists set social media ablaze and, despite the Fennica’s moving on toward the Arctic, hailed the action as a historic achievement. They were two of the most daring days of the modern environmentalist movement: Greenpeace protesters, suspended from a bridge above – and others kayaking against a Royal Dutch Shell icebreaker below. Thirteen activists hung from the St. John’s bridge, while another 13 monitored their ropes from above. Then, on Thursday night in Portland, just when the Greenpeacers thought the Shell ship had turned away and they could fend off $2,500-an-hour fines, the authorities came in. The rope monitors were detained, and eventually released.

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  • Judge Fines Greenpeace as Portland Bridge Protesters Force Shell Ship Delay

    A federal judge in Alaska has ordered Greenpeace USA to pay a fine of $2,500 for every hour that protesters continue to block a Royal Dutch Shell icebreaker from leaving Portland, Oregon, for the Arctic. US district court judge Sharon Gleason ruled Thursday in Anchorage that Greenpeace is in civil contempt because of protesters dangling off a bridge in Portland, whom she said impeded the Shell vessel. The activists have been hanging from the bridge since Wednesday at approximately 3am PT, delaying the departure of the oil company’s 380ft Fennica icebreaker. According to the Columbia River Pilots website, the vessel was originally scheduled to leave on Wednesday at 4:45am.

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  • ExxonMobil Gave Millions to Climate-Denying Lawmakers Despite Pledge

    The Guardian has learned ExxonMobil gave more than $2.3m to members of Congress and a corporate lobbying group that deny climate change and block efforts to fight climate change – eight years after pledging to stop its funding of climate denial. Climate denial – from Republicans in Congress and lobby groups operating at the state level - is seen as a major obstacle to US and global efforts to fight climate change, closing off the possibility of federal and state regulations cutting greenhouse gas emissions and the ability to plan for a future of sea-level rise and extreme weather.

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    @PascaledeLaTour : "Envisagez-vous de déposer un amendement pour renforcer l'efficacité de la taxe ?". @mounir : "Pourquoi pas mais on a voté une taxe qui va permettre de rapporter entre 400 et 600 millions, c'est déjà la moitié du chemin". #LaMatinaleLCI @LCI #La26.

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