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Muslim pilgrims begin last rituals of hajj in Mecca



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  • Muslim pilgrims begin rituals in Mecca ahead of hajj

    Thousands of Muslim pilgrims perform Tawaf, circumambulating the Kaaba, a black masonry cube in the middle of the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

    21/09/2015 - AFP EN
  • Muslim pilgrims circle Mecca's Kaaba

    Aerial shots of Muslim pilgrims performing Tawaf, which sees them circling the Kaaba, Islam's holiest shrine on the third day of hajj. The attendance has been dramatically downsized this year as the Saudi hosts strive to prevent a coronavirus outbreak during the five-day pilgrimage.

    31/07/2020 - AFP EN
  • Muslim pilgrims mark final hajj rite with 'Stoning of Devil'

    In stifling heat, a Saudi security guard sprayed Muslim pilgrims with water as they advanced through Mina for the final rite of the hajj, the "Stoning of the Devil" that has proved lethal in past years.

    01/09/2017 - AFP EN
  • Muslim pilgrims gather in Mecca ahead of Hajj pilgrimage

    Muslims from across the world flock to Saudi Arabia and visit the holy sites in the city of Mecca, in preparation for the annual Hajj pilgrimage which will begin on September 10.

    07/09/2016 - AFP EN
  • Muslim pilgrims arrive in Mecca ahead of hajj

    More than a million Muslims from around the world are converging on Mecca for the annual hajj pilgrimage, ahead of the main rituals next week, as Saudi authorities mobilise to prevent incidents.

    18/09/2015 - AFP EN
  • U.S.-led strikes hit Islamic State, al Qaeda-linked group in Syria

    U.S.-led air strikes hit 10 units of Islamic State fighters in Syria in recent days as well as militants with the al Qaeda-linked Khorasan Group. Jillian Kitchener reports.

    15/11/2014 - Reuters EN

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