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What Could Trump Possibly Do To Win Back Voters In The Last Debate?


The last presidential debate is here. It's the last chance for Donald Trump to attempt to boost his sinking campaign and here's what he must do totake advantage.

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    At a recent rally in North Carolina, Pres. Trump slammed some foreign born Democratic lawmakers. Primarily, he hit out against Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, a naturalized US Citizen. At the rally, some attendees chanted "send her back" in reference to Omar. According to a Business Insider pill more than a third of Republican primary voters say they supported the chant. The poll mirrored a partisan divide when it comes to perceived racial attitudes. Around 38% of GOP respondents approved of the supporters' chant, "send her back." Five percent of self-identified Democratic primary voters expressed similar attitudes.

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    Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz recently said he might run for U.S. president in 2020. During a promotion of his book in New York City, a person yelled at him about his possible run. He said: “Don’t help elect Trump, you egotistical, billionaire.” According to Reuters, this comment comes after concerns that Schultz running may help Trump win. The idea is that his independent bid would take away votes from the Democratic Party nominee.

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    Democrat Doug Jones' upset win in Alabama has provided more reason for Republicans to worry about the upcoming 2018 midterm senate elections. Poll numbers from Tuesday night show that Jones turned out nearly as many voters as Hillary Clinton did in the state for the 2016 election. On the other side, Republican Roy Moore got only about half as many as Donald Trump had. Furthermore, there is no sign that Trump voters will be there when they are needed to help Republicans retain Congress — even if Trump tells them to show up as he did with Moore in Alabama and Ed Gillespie in Virginia.

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