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Thoroughly Sick Of CEO Steve Ells, Chipotle Removes Him


Chipotle said Wednesday that it's replacing its CEO, Steve Ells, who founded the burrito chain more than two decades ago. According to Business Insider, IWasPoisoned.com reports the rate of self-reported foodborne illnesses is higher for Chipotle than any other restaurant chain in the US. The data indicates another outbreak attributed to Chipotle is possible within the next six to 12 months. IWasPoisoned.com allows people to self-report suspected foodborne illnesses. The crowd-sourced nature of the data leaves room for a large margin of error, but the website has a track record of accurately spotting illness outbreaks even before health officials or restaurant managers are aware. Just last week, Chipotle's stock slid more than 5% after an actor claimed he "almost died" after eating at the chain. Similarly, shares fell more than 14% in July after a norovirus outbreak at a single restaurant in Sterling, Virginia. Chipotle has been fighting to restore its public image since the 2015 E. coli outbreak that affected restaurants in 14 states and sent sales sliding by more than 30%. The company has lured customers back to its restaurants with millions of dollars in free food offers, and it has also made sweeping changes to its food preparation procedures to ramp up food safety and prevent another outbreak. But the volatility of the company's stock in relation to even isolated reports of suspected illnesses shows Chipotle still has work to do to restore the trust of both customers and investors.

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