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Aquaman Won’t Feature Underwater Dialogue Like In Justice League


Aquaman director James Wan says that characters won’t use air bubbles to communicate underwater in his film, like they do in Justice League. Most of Aquaman's scenes that were originally supposed to be in the film were boiled down to one scene with Mera, who is revealed to have a long history with Arthur and his Atlantean mother Queen Atlanna. That moment seemingly revealed how characters will communicate underwater in the Aquaman solo film, as Mera was shown using her powers to form an air bubble around the pair of them. Wan, however, is now saying otherwise. Wan doesn’t make it clear what his film will do, barring all dialogue being saved for non-underwater scenes. More likely, however, some sort of communication device or telepathy will be used. Though this could add a bit of a continuity issue to Justice League, the DCEU is no stranger to tweaking things here and there.

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