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How to record calls on your iPhone


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  • Two Ways To Record Phone Calls On Your iPhone

    Recording a phone call on your iPhone may seem like a simple task but in order to actually do so you must first install an app. One app you can download is Google Voice. This app allows you to filter out unwanted calls but it also allows you to record incoming calls. The only problem with this app is that you can't record outgoing calls. Another option other than an app is using an external voice recorder. Products such as the Esonic Cell Phone Call Recorder and RecorderGear PR200 allow you to record not only incoming calls but outgoing calls as well.

    15/09/2017 - Wochit
  • Jamie Foxx Stars in New Apple Rose Gold iPhone Commercial

    Apple’s new rose gold iPhone 6s is infecting the world with a newfound fascination with the color pink, and even Jamie Foxx is not exempt. In a cameo role in the latest spot of Apple’s iPhone ads blitz, the actor and musician is jamming to his own song on a pink iPhone when narrator Lake Bell calls him out for self infatuation. “No, I was…” Foxx bashfully responds before pretending to take a phone call. Aside from the A-list cameo, the new 30-second ad highlights the phone’s “Peek and pop” functionality — which lets you preview content with a light finger tap or “pop” into it by applying more pressure. Apple’s 6S phone sales set an opening weekend record when the new upgrade launched in late September with "more than" 13 million iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus devices sold.

    17/10/2015 - Wochit
  • Panasonic at The Gadget Show Live 2011

    Tom Dunmore reports live from the Panasonic Stand at The Gadget Show Live 2011 to tell you more about our 3D VIERA NeoPlasma & LED LCD TVs, VIERA Connect, 3D Blu-ray recorders, Lumix cameras, camcorders and our range of white goods for 2011. This video was shot on a Lumix GH2 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first thing you'll see when you walk through the doors at The Gadget Show Live is the Panasonic stand - the largest at the show. 3D is right at the heart of what Panasonic is doing at the show. From our Full HD 3D VIERA VT30 NeoPlama TVs - which are available in sizes up to 65 inches - to our 3D LED TVs at 32 and 37 inches, if you fancy something a little smaller. We also have a huge range of 3D Blu-ray home theatre systems showcased at our stand. But 3D is about more than a beautiful TV - Panasonic are doing more than anyone else to ensure there is plenty to watch in 3D. At The Gadget Show Live we are showcasing our range of 3D Blu-ray players, along with the most famous 3D film of all, Avatar. The Avatar 3D Blu-ray Disc is exclusively available to Panasonic customers, and it's certain that this will go down a treat at the show. If you fancy yourself as the next James Cameron, you can check out user-generated 3D video captured using Panasonic camcorders such as the HS900. A great Full HD, 2D camcorder, with 3MOS image sensor technology for peerless picture quality. Add the Conversion Lens and it'll record 3D footage too - plug it into a compatible 3D TV and you have your own 3D home movies. At the Panasonic stand, our new range of Lumix cameras are also being showcased, which can also capture 3D stills using the 3D assist feature. Simply take a 20-second video clip and the camera, such as the rugged DMC-FT3, will automatically choose two pictures to create that stereoscopic effect when you view it back on a 3D TV. The DMC-FT3 also features an altimeter, compass, barometer, GPS and is shockproof and waterproof up to 12m, meaning you can take 3D stills in truly extreme locations. We also have rugged, pocket sized camcorders -- despite their size, the waterproof, shockproof TA20 will shoot in Full HD, with image stabilisation to keep the picture steady even when you're not. And it's just one of a range of easy-to-use Full HD multimedia cameras, also including cool pistol-grip designs. We're also showing off the gorgeous Lumix GH2 compact system camera at The Gadget Show. With its interchangeable lenses, the GH2 looks like a shrunken DSLR but actually uses Micro Four Thirds technology to keep it tiny and portable. It records stunning Full HD video and takes amazing 16MP stills -- and guess what, you can shoot 3D stills too, with the addition of a 3D conversion lens. At the stand is also Panasonic's DMR-BWT800, the world's first Blu-ray recorder that will let you archive your 3D home movies and pictures to Blu-ray disc. It'll upscale 2D footage to 3D, too. And you can control it using Panasonic's brand new apps for iPad and iPhone. The BWT800's skills don't stop there - like so much of Panasonic's new home entertainment kit, it'll wirelessly send video around the house. Panasonic's network-connected kit isn't just about streaming content around the home - it's about accessing internet services through your TV. Viera Connect allows you to access BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, internet radio, and a whole host of other services through apps on your TV. You can even make Skype calls around the world using the TVs, Blu-ray players and recorders. Watch the latest movie trailers and even stream films to your TV so you don't have to visit the video store. And that's just the start - there are plenty more apps to come, offering a fully personalised TV experience, from gaming to fitness, and much more. http://www.panasonic.co.uk/

    28/11/2012 - Panasonic
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Calls Invasion Of Online Privacy 'A Crisis'

    During an interview with ABC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook called online privacy a crisis. This comes after controversy with Facebook and Google who are under scrutiny for the way they handle their consumer data. Unlike those tech giants, Apple's business is not focused on advertising and does not benefit from collecting data from users. He said they are selling consumers products and it is important for them to keep their customer's data private.

    05/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Lady Gaga Calls Out Doubters

    Lady Gaga appeared on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday and said that she used to practice her Oscars acceptance speech when she was a 14-year-old restaurant hostess in New York City. "I'd be standing there with nothing to do and I would just go, 'I'd like to thank the Academy for this tremendous honor. I've wanted to be an actress my whole life,'" Gaga recalled. The singer said that people at the bar "would howl with laughter, like, 'That's never gonna happen.'" Gaga recently took home an Oscar for best original song for "Shallow," which is part of the award-winning movie "A Star Is Born." Lady Gaga used to practice her Oscars acceptance speech as a 14-year restaurant hostess, and people used to underestimate her. "Everyone at the bar would howl with laughter, like, 'That's never gonna happen,'" Gaga recalled during an appearance on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on Wednesday. The Oscar-winning singer explained that she took on a job as a teenager because she "wanted more money than my allowance." While working as a hostess in New York City, Gaga said that she sometimes found herself bored when business was slow. To pass the time, she'd craft her speech. "I'd be standing there with nothing to do and I would just go, 'I'd like to thank the Academy for this tremendous honor. I've wanted to be an actress my whole life.'" Since releasing "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" in 2008, Gaga has successfully managed to establish herself as a prominent entertainer. Aside from multiple studio albums, the 32-year-old won a Golden Globe for her role on "American Horror Story." At the 2019 Golden Globes, the singer took home an award for best original song in a motion picture for "Shallow." The song was written by Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt and appears in "A Star Is Born."

    28/02/2019 - Wochit
  • Britain's HMV Faces the Music As Retailer Calls In Administrators

    According to Reuters, Music retailer HMV said it was calling in the administrators, blaming a worsening market for CDs and DVDs, as it becomes the latest victim of brutal trading conditions in Britain’s retail sector. HMV said that the accounting firm KPMG has been named as the administrator and intends to keep the business running while it seeks a potential buyer. The retailer, one of Britain’s best-known high street stores, went into administration in 2013 after being hit by competition from online rivals and music streaming services.

    28/12/2018 - Wochit
  • This New IPhone Shortcut Will Record Your Interactions With The Police

    A big new feature for iPhones this year is called Shortcuts, which is an app that lets you write scripts for the iPhone. One Shortcut that has been widely shared is called Police. It records police interactions and texts a predetermined contact that you've been pulled over. It also sends video of the encounter to your contact. The creator says that the shortcut can be adapted for other potentially dangerous situations. There's a big new feature for iPhone experts this year: It's called Shortcuts, and with a little bit of logic and know-how, you can stitch several apps together and create a script that can be activated by pressing a button or Siri.

    02/10/2018 - Wochit

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