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Trump Rose On Forbes Richest List As Other Billionaires Slipped


According to Reuters, U.S. President Donald Trump’s personal fortune held steady over the past year, but rose on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world as dozens of his fellow tycoons suffered financial setbacks. Forbes said that Trump’s $3.1 billion net worth is unchanged from last year. Forbes said the president's real estate holdings held their value better than assets that make up the portfolios of a lot of other billionaires.

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  • Trump Falls Down Forbes' List of Billionaires

    According to a new list released Tuesday, Donald Trump’s net worth fell by $400 million in 2017, causing him to fall 222 places on Forbes' annual list of the world’s billionaires. Forbes attributed Trump’s fall to the decrease in value of his real estate holdings in Manhattan and less-than-stellar income from his golf resorts. On the other hand, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos topped the list for the very first time, making him officially the richest person on the planet with a fortune of $112 billion.

    06/03/2018 - Wochit
  • Jeff Bezos Tops Forbes List Of Richest Americans

    Since becoming the richest man in modern history earlier this year, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has taken the No. 1 spot on Forbes' list of the 400 richest Americans— a shift that bumped Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates to second place. Bezos' net worth jumped from $81.5 billion on last year's list to this year's $160 billion. He's the first person to surpass a net worth of $150 billion since Forbes began tracking the richest Americans over 30 years ago, and the first person to bump Gates out of the No. 1 spot on the list for 24 years. Following Bezos and Gates is Warren Buffett, with $88.3 billion; Mark Zuckerberg, with $61 billion; and Larry Ellison with $58.4 billion.

    04/10/2018 - Wochit
  • Trump Falls on Forbes' List of Most Wealthy

    According to Forbes, Donald Trump's fortune dropped by $600 million this year to an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion. Trump also dropped 92 spots — to No. 248, on Forbes' list of the wealthiest Americans. The magazine attributed the dip in Trump's wealth to "a weakening in New York City's retail and office real estate market." Forbes said in a statement this week that it investigated for months through financial disclosure forms and public property records to estimate the president's net worth, which he claims is over $10 billion.

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  • Forbes’ List of Richest Americans

    Forbes has announced the 34th annual Forbes 400 list of the richest Americans, including such media figures as George Lucas, David Geffen, Sumner Redstone and John Malone. Topping the list for the 22nd straight year is Microsoft’s Bill Gates, whose net work stands at a cool $76 billion. He’s actually down $5 billion from last year. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos made number four on the ranking and had the highest increase of anyone on the list, $16.5 billion, to put him at $47 billion.

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  • Trump Campaign Claims Personal Fortune Over 10 Billion

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has unveiled new documents setting his personal fortune at more than $10 billion. The businessman says he filed his personal financial disclosure with federal regulators on Tuesday afternoon. The figure makes Trump the wealthiest person ever to run for president, surpassing previous magnates like Ross Perot, business heirs like Steve Forbes, and private-equity investors like Mitt Romney. Trump's campaign says the federal forms are "not designed for a man of Mr. Trump's massive wealth." However, Forbes billionaires list states Trump is actually one of thirteen people who's wealth is valued at $4.1 billion. According to Forbes list he is tied globally at 405 with the other 12 individuals of equivalent wealth.

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