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Director John Singleton In Coma After Suffering Major Stroke


According to a report by CNN, director John Singleton is in a coma following a major stroke over a week ago. Court documents filed by the filmmaker's mother were reportedly filed on Thursday and state that Singleton is 'currently hospitalized in a coma and is unable to provide for his personal needs' or 'manage his financial resources.

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  • John Singleton's Mother Files For Conservatorship Of His Estate

    Legendary Filmmaker John Singleton is hospitalized and in a coma after suffering a “major stroke” last week. Following the tragic event, Singleton’s mother, Sheila Ward, applied for conservatorship for the Oscar-nominated director and his estate.

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  • ‘Boyz N The Hood’ Director John Singleton Has Died At Age 51

    Last week, the sad news broke that visionary John Singleton suffered a stroke at age 51. After being put in a medically-induced coma, he was removed from life support by family on Monday. Singleton, the first Black filmmaker to be nominated for a directing Oscar, passed away this afternoon. Singleton’s talent agency, ICM Partners, issued a statement to further confirm the news. The visionary filmmaker lent his writing and directing talents to several formidable projects.

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  • John Singleton’s Daughter Says Her Father Is Not In A Coma

    Daughter of filmmaker John Singleton, Cleopatra Singleton, claims her father is not in a coma. Cleopatra claims her grandmother. Sheila Ward, is “misrepresenting” her father’s medical condition. Additionally, Cleopatra doesn’t think that Ward should be named conservator of her father and his estate. According to SFGate, John’s daughter said the doctor told their family that her father was doing better. They said he was “progressing every day” and could be out of the ICU within five days.

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    Daughter of "Boyz N the Hood" director John Singleton disputes the account that he's in a coma. Nineteen-year-old Cleopatra Singleton said in a court filing Friday that doctors are unsure. They are still determining Singleton's condition after an April 17 stroke, reports SFGate. She says he is being sedated by doctors but is responding to stimuli and occasionally smiling. Cleopatra Singleton says her father's mother, Shelia Ward, is misrepresenting his condition.

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    John Singleton, the first black filmmaker ever nominated for the Best Director Oscar, has reportedly suffered a “mild” stroke, according to Deadline. Singleton burst onto the scene with 1991’s Boyz N The Hood, a moving, heartbreaking portrait of young people struggling to get by in the low-income South Central neighborhood of Los Angeles. The drama helped make a star out of Cuba Gooding Jr., who played college-bound protagonist Tre, and marked the first acting credit for Ice Cube, who received accolades for his turn as tough but secretly sensitive gang member Doughboy. At the following year’s Academy Awards, Singleton was nominated for both Best Director and Best Screenplay.

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