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The Trump Administration Imposes New Travel Restrictions To Cuba


According to CNN, The US announced major new restrictions on US citizens traveling to Cuba on Tuesday, blocking the most common way Americans are able to visit the island -- through organized tour groups that license US citizens to travel automatically. The new restrictions will prohibit cruise ship passengers whose trips are arranged as organized tours. It's unclear how the new restrictions will impact US airlines flying newly established routes to the island.

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  • The Trump Administration Imposes New Restrictions On Cuba

    According to a report by Business Insider, on Wednesday, National Security Advisor John Bolton announced new restrictions the Trump administration would impose on travel to Cuba as well as the amount of money Cuban Americans can send to relatives on the island. Bolton reportedly made it clear that this move is part of the Trump administration's efforts to roll back former President Barack Obama's decision to ease up on travel and economic sanctions on Cuba.

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  • Trump Administration Puts New Ban On Cuban Travel

    On Tuesday the Trump administration banned cruises to Cuba under new restrictions on U.S. travel to the Caribbean island to impose pressure on the countries Communist government as well as to reform and stop supporting Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Reuters reports thatthe tightening of the decades-old U.S. embargo on Cuba will further wound its crippled economy, as well as hurt U.S. travel companies that had built up Cuban business during the few years. The State Department said the United States will no longer permit visits to Cuba via passenger and recreational vessels.

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    Business Insider reports President Donald Trump's administration is restricting travel to Cuba. The US State Department said Tuesday the administration is ending an educational travel program and banning "passenger and recreational vessels." Cruise ships, yachts, private and corporate planes will no longer be able to travel to Cuba. The State Department said the ban was due to the Cuban government's repression of its citizens and support of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro. "The United States calls on the regime to abandon its repression of Cubans, cease its interference in Venezuela, and work toward building a stable, prosperous, and free country for the Cuban people." US State Department Travel from the US to Cuba is still permitted under circumstances such as visits to family members, government affairs, and humanitarian projects.

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  • Trump Tightening Restrictions on Cuba Travel

    On Thursday, new restrictions for Americans traveling to Cuba will be enacted by the Trump administration. According to the new policies, those traveling for educational purposes or "people-to-people" travel must be accompanied by a representative from an authorized organization. In 2016, former President Barack Obama had lifted restrictions on tourists, and the island was reaping the benefits.

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  • New Travel Order Similar To Muslim Ban

    Supporters of President Trump’s latest travel restrictions argue that they can no longer be described as a Muslim ban because North Korea and Venezuela have been added to the list of targeted countries. Critics, however, say that the impact of the new order will be essentially unchanged from the effects of the previous two. News source FiveThirtyEight estimates, based on visas issued for U.S. travel last year, that majority-Muslim countries would likely still be the most affected by the new travel rules.

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