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Uber And Lyft Drivers Strike


On Wednesday, Uber and Lyft drivers went on strike. The drivers logged out of the app for the day and voice their anger about working conditions. Protests took place in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, London, and Glasgow among other cities. Business Insider was on the ground at the London protest and spoke to drivers who demanded better pay to keep up with living costs. They are also unhappy about how rich some of Uber's investors will get from the upcoming IPO.

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  • Uber and Lyft drivers strike over pay and working conditions

    Thousands of Uber and Lyft drivers in the US turn off their apps and strike, protesting pay and working conditions at the big ride-hailing services. An estimated 10,000 New York drivers joined the strike.

    09/05/2019 - AFP EN
  • The Uber/Lyft Strike Points Out Fundamental Problem In Rideshare Companies

    According to a report by Business Insider, on Wednesday, a strike by Uber and Lyft drivers served as a warning to the companies and their investors, pointing out a fundamental flaw in their businesses. The two companies have reportedly built their services around paying drivers low wages and it remains unclear whether they can afford to give them a raise. Business Insider suggests that both companies are likely to come under increasing pressure to cut losses, despite drivers demanding better compensation. Besides low compensation, drivers reportedly cited several reasons for the strike, including safety concerns and a lack of transparency regarding how companies calculate compensation.

    11/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Uber, Lyft Drivers Striking

    New York (CNN Business)Ride-hailing drivers in more than a dozen cities plan to strike on Wednesday ahead of Uber's highly anticipated Wall Street debut. The strikes are expected to happen across major US cities, as well as parts of the United Kingdom, Australia and South America. Participating drivers say they intend to send a message to Uber and its rivals: They want livable incomes, job security and regulated fares, among other demands. In San Diego and Los Angeles, drivers are slated to cease working for 24 hours.

    08/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Uber And Lyft Strike Explained

    On Wednesday Uber and Lyft drivers around the world are planning work stoppages and demonstrations to demand higher wages from the ride-hailing companies ahead of Uber's massive initial public offering. Protests are scheduled for at least 14 cities worldwide, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Glasgow, and more. Organizing groups are also encouraging consumers to join in their movement by not requesting rides. Business Insider has spoken to dozens of Uber and Lyft drivers in previous months to learn more about their experience on the platforms. More often than not, their complaints revolve around a lack of transparency from the companies, and in many cases, consistently declining pay.

    08/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Bernie Sanders Says He Stands In 'Solidarity' With Uber and Lyft Strike

    Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont expressed support for Uber and Lyft drivers going on strike on Wednesday over work conditions and pay rates. "These drivers are not 'independent contractors'—they are employees who deserve rights and benefits. I stand in solidarity with them as they strike today for a dignified life." Wednesday's comment is in line with Sanders' routine criticism of mega-companies like Amazon, Walmart, and Disney over their treatment of workers.

    08/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Uber Drivers Strike Before IPO Launch

    LONDON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Uber drivers in London and major U.S. cities held a series of strikes on Wednesday to protest the disparity between gig-economy conditions and the sums that investors are likely to make in Friday’s blockbuster stock market debut. Protests were sparsely attended in London, New York and California, and rides appeared easily available in some cities where strikes were called. Drivers and regulators around the world have long criticized the business tactics of Uber Technologies Inc (UBER.N).

    09/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Uber Drivers Go On Strike Ahead of IPO

    According to Reuters, Uber drivers in London and New York started a series of multi-city strikes on Wednesday to protest the disparity between gig-economy conditions and the sums that investors are likely to make in Friday’s stock market debut. Drivers and regulators around the world have long criticized the business tactics of Uber and the expected valuation of up to $90 billion in its initial public offering on Friday. The public calls for higher pay underscored that some drivers want more from the company.

    08/05/2019 - Wochit
  • Uber Drivers Strike Worldwide

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Some Uber Technologies Inc drivers in the United States and Britain said they will strike on Wednesday, protesting what they call low pay a day before the ride-services company launches its initial public offering, valuing it at as much as $90 billion. FILE PHOTO: An investor walks out of the Uber IPO roadshow with documents in hand at a hotel in Manhattan, New York, New York, U.S., April 30, 2019. REUTERS/Jeenah Moon/File Photo Drivers and regulators around the world have criticized Uber’s business tactics almost from the moment of its launch.

    08/05/2019 - Wochit
  • UK Drivers To Stage Massive Strike Coinciding With Uber's IPO

    Rideshare drivers across the Atlantic have plans to sign off the Uber app and spend their time protesting in four major metro areas. The message, coordinated around Uber’s plans to go public, is a clear rebuke of the company’s IPO plan, which will make many employees wealthy overnight, but leave drivers in the same deteriorating conditions. The drivers, organized by the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), have plans to log off the Uber app en masse for 9 hours on May 8th. Their American counterparts in seven cities will similarly hold a 12-hour strike on the same day.

    03/05/2019 - Wochit

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