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Facebook Offers App That Pays Users For Data


Added on the 12/06/2019 16:16:56 - Copyright : Wochit

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  • Facebook Warning 4 Million Users Another App Has Mishandled Data

    Facebook will warn 4 million users that the app "myPersonality" may have mishandled their personal data, according to a blog post by Facebook on Wednesday afternoon. The app was "mostly active before 2012," writes Facebook VP Ime Archibong, and is now banned from the platform. And there's no indication that "myPersonality" had access to the data of its users' Facebook friends, so it will only notify those affected.

    23/08/2018 - Wochit
  • Facebook Users Will Learn If They Personally Were Hacked By Cambridge Analytica

    Facebook users should finally get to see if their data was pilfered by Cambridge Analytica. Faceboook has come under fire for its evasive handling of the data breach affecting 87m users. In a face-saving effort, Facebook is set to reveal who exactly was affected by the breach. Cambridge Analytica had former Trump strategist Steve Bannon on its board. The company is owned and funded by conservative philanthropist Robert Mercer. Facebook will provide a link for all 2.2 billion users to see what info apps collect.

    09/04/2018 - Wochit
  • Facebook Employees Had Unlimited Access To Millions Of Users' Unencrypted Passwords

    Facebook employees had access to hundreds of millions of users' passwords — for years. Users' passwords were being stored in an unencrypted format, and reportedly were accessible by 20,000 workers at the company. Facebook says it hasn't found any evidence of misuse of the data. It's the latest privacy scandal to hit the besieged tech firm.

    21/03/2019 - Wochit

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