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Boeing 737 Max 8 Makes Emergency Landing In Florida


CNN reports a Boeing 737 Max aircraft declared an emergency landing Tuesday in Florida. The Federal Aviation Administration the plane landed after experiencing a reported engine problem. No passengers were aboard Southwest Airlines Flight 8701, which was being ferried to from Victorville, California, for storage. The incident comes after the global fleet of 737 Max jets was grounded indefinitely after two fatal crashes involving the planes.

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  • U.S. Says Boeing 737 MAX 8 Is Ok To Fly, Investigating Crashes

    Reuters reports the United States will tell international carriers on Monday that the Federal Aviation Administration believes the Boeing 737 MAX 8 is "airworthy." The agency is looking into two fatal crashes that occurred with the new model of aircraft since October. It said it will “take immediate action” if regulators discover any safety issue. An Ethiopian Airlines MAX 8 crashed minutes after take-off on Sunday, killing all 157 passengers. Another of the aircraft crashed and killed 189 people in Indonesia in October.U.S. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Monday, “If the FAA identifies an issue that affects safety, the department will take immediate and appropriate action. I want people to be assured that we take these incidents, these accidents very seriously.”

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  • Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Cleveland With Cracked Window

    A Southwest Airlines flight made an emergency landing in Cleveland at 11AM on Wednesday. The flight made the landing after a window cracked in flight. The cause of the crack was no immediately known. On April 17, a passenger on a Southwest flight died after an engine ripped apart, shattering a window. It was the first U.S airline passenger fatality since 2009. In Wednesday’s incident, Flight 957 was traveling from Chicago to Newark before the crew diverted the plane to Cleveland.

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    A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Orlando, Florida, made an emergency landing Saturday morning due to a major problem with one of its two engines. Flight 3472 from New Orleans diverted the airplane to Pensacola, Florida, after the pilot detected something had gone wrong with an engine, according to a Southwest statement. The jet, a Boeing 737-700, landed in Pensacola around 9:40 a.m. CDT with no apparent injuries to the 99 passengers or five crew members on board, according to Southwest. Pictures taken from the plane and posted online made it appear that part of the engine had blown apart, but Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz said there was no explosion. He said Southwest will work with investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board to determine the cause. It’s rare for Southwest or any other major airline to have such serious engine trouble, said Michael Boyd, president of airline consulting firm Boyd International. “It’s a one-off, almost unheard of,” Boyd said Saturday. “Southwest has an outstanding safety record because it spends a lot of money on maintenance.” After making the emergency landing, the plane was taken of service. Southwest said it was trying to find alternative way to get the passengers aboard the flight to their destinations.

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  • 737 Crash Could Have Been Prevented If Boeing Took Pilots' Concerns Seriously

    American Airlines' pilots' union is calling Boeing's response to two fatal plane crashes "inexcusable". CNN reporting that the union claims that the crashes might not have happened if the company had listened to pilots. Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for Allied Pilots Association, told CNN Business that Boeing had "a poisoned, diseased philosophy" for a global company. Both Boeing's CEO and the Federal Aviation Administration have said that the pilots were in part to blame for the recent Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes. Both planes were Boeing 737 Max 8 planes. Tajer pointed instead to Boeing's software, about which he said American Airlines' pilots had expressed concerns in a November 2017 meeting with the company. The meeting was a few weeks after the Lion Air crash, but months before the Ethiopian Airlines crash. It would be fair to conclude, Tajer said, that if Boeing had taken the suggestions of the pilots, the Ethiopian Airlines crash might have been prevented.

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  • Boeing Jet Skids Off Runway Into River In Florida

    A team of 16 investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board is being sent to Jacksonville, Florida. That's where a Boeing 737 jet slid of the runway Friday night into the St Johns River. According to Business Insider, no one was killed in the accident. However, 21 people were taken to the hospital for injuries. This is the third issue Boeing has had with its 737 planes since October. The first two were in Indonesia and Ethiopia, killing 350 people.

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  • Faut-il renforcer la taxe Gafa ? Mounir Mahjoubi : "Pourquoi pas"

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