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Zoo Keeper Hand Rears Rare Baby Civet


A zoo keeper at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall is hand-rearing a rare and beautiful jungle mammal.

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    An endangered baby giraffe made his first public debut at a northern Czech zoo earlier this week, 12 days after being born in the enclosure.

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    France's Beauval Zoo is celebrating the birth of its first baby giraffe. Named Kimia, she is already 1.60m tall and weighs 56 kg. She becomes the 6th member of a group of reticulated giraffes to which her mother Baya belongs. The species is "critically endangered" according to the IUCN Red List.

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  • Baby Amur Leopard Cub, World's Rarest Big Cat, Born at Yalta Zoo

    Vets were hand-feeding the tiny Amur leopard baby at the Yalta Zoo, as the cub is still too young to open its eyes or even walk on four legs. Only 57 Amur leopards, which are listed as "Critically Endangered," are believed to live in the wild as of 2015. Despite the fact that Amur leopard numbers have roughly doubled since 2007, they are still the species of large felines most vulnerable to extinction.

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