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Trump Deals Final Blow To Clean Power Plan


According to Huffington Post, The Trump administration dealt former President Barack Obama’s signature climate policy a death blow on Wednesday, finalizing its proposal to replace sweeping curbs on power station emissions with a lax mandate to upgrade equipment at old plants.

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  • Trump Administration Creates New Carbon Emissions Rule That Helps Coal Companies

    A new carbon emissions rule for U.S. power plants was finalized by the Trump administration. According to Reuters, the administration thinks the rule will cut pollution without damaging the coal industry. The rule will help coal companies who have tough competition against natural gas, solar and wind energy suppliers. Environmentalists and Democrats think the regulations won’t significantly rude emissions. The Environmental Protection Agency said the rule gives states three years to devise their own plans to cut emissions.

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  • U.S. Judge Dismisses Boys' Lawsuit Against Trump Climate Rollbacks

    According to Reuters, a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by two Pennsylvania boys and an environmental group seeking to stop U.S. President Donald Trump from rolling back regulations addressing climate change. The judge ruled on Tuesday that the Constitution does not guarantee what the boys and the Clean Air Council called a due process right to a “life-sustaining climate system.

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  • EPA Looks To End More Obama Era Rules

    The Environmental Protection Agency said on Wednesday it was reconsidering part of an Obama-era rule on emissions of mercury from coal-fired plants. Reuters reports that this is the latest move by the administration to ease regulations on an industry important to President Donald Trump’s political base.

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    The Trump administration has proposed replacing a signature Obama-era climate policies. Reuters reports the change would let states write their own rules on coal-fired power plants. The move prompting critics to warn of dire environmental and health consequences. The EPA proposal would require states to submit plans for improving efficiency of coal-fired power plants. The federal government will set carbon emission guidelines. States will have the leeway to set less-stringent standards. The rule also could allow power plant owners to sidestep costly permits for those improvements.

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  • Trump's New Energy Plan: How Many More Will Die Prematurely

    The Trump Administration has released its new plan to regulate carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants. The Affordable Clean Energy rule is more loosely regulated than President Obama's Clean Power Plan. An EPA analysis shows Trump's new rules could cause between 470 and1,400 premature deaths annually by 2030. According to Business Insider, the deaths would be due to the health effects of pollution.

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