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120 y/o Man Puts COVID-19 into PERSPECTIVE


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    Quito, May 21 (EFE).- The UNICEF Representative in Ecuador, Joaquin Gonzalez-Aleman, warned on Thursday that food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic is turning into a "time bomb" as the virus is pushing 350,000 people in the country into poverty."It is a time bomb because food security is the most basic thing," said Gonzalez-Aleman in an interview with Efe in which he warned that Ecuadorian families are experiencing prices rise due to an increase in inflation. (Camera: JUAN FRANCISCO CHAVEZ).SHOT LIST: KIDS ON THE STREETS OF QUITO, ECUADOR.

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  • Nicaragua's Spider-Man and army of underemployed suffers COVID-19 crisis

    Managua, May 9 (EFE).- Every weekday, Spider-Man jumps out from traffic lights in Managua to rescue his family finances, however Nicaragua's COVID-19 epidemic is preventing him from achieving his main feat of “bringing home the bacon.”Along with a Venom without his suit, Spider-Man earns a living by performing “faro” or a performance, such as street dancing, at traffic lights amidst window cleaners and street vendors, who are part of an army of more than 1.5 million underemployed in the country, according to official data.(Camera: RENEE LUCIA RAMOS). SHOT LIST: A STREET DANCER DRESSED AS SPIDER-MAN, STEVEN GARMENDIA, AND HIS PARTNER, DIEDRICH DÍAZ, PERFORMING A STREE DANCE UNDER A TRAFFIC LIGHT IN MANAGUA, NICARAGUA.SOUNDBITES: DIEDRICH DÍAZ, A STREET PERFORMER (IN SPANISH).1.) DIAZ: Right now it has been very hard, really, because people, as they see us like this without protection or anything, are afraid of just opening the car window to give us something. And if they give us something, they throw the coin at us, or they drop it into our hands, but yes, it has been hard (00:21-00:43).2.) DIAZ: In fact, there are weeks when only three or four cars are there at the stoplight (00:55-01:01).3.) DIAZ: The situation is increasingly critical, and there is not enough information – neither on the networks nor on television – that we know about the virus (01:07-01:21).

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  • Belgian man shares painful COVID-19 recovery

    Hospitalised on March 16 after testing positive for COVID-19, Pierre Fonteyne, a 74-year-old patient at the Erasme Hospital in Brussels, is slowly learning to walk again. Slow rehabilitation awaits the patients who are the most seriously affected by the new coronavirus, who must above all regain their lung capacity. For this reason, the Erasme hospital set up a special COVID unit in April called "Middle Care", which aims to get patients back on their feet when they are discharged from intensive care.

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  • Locked down in the suburbs: Covid-19 puts strain on French 'banlieues'

    While Paris hits the pause button, many in the densely-populated working-class suburbs north of the French capital still have to get to work. It's not just those in low-paid essential services jobs who're affected: many kids in the "banlieues" don't have access to online learning or depend on school for a proper meal. How can schools reopen on May 11? Can France use the crisis to truly address its inherent inequalities? President Emmanuel Macron himself acknowledged the accentuated inequality laid bare by the Covid-19 pandemic and appealed for the "building of new types of solidarity".

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  • Ultramarathon man struck by Covid-19: It may be better to die

    Cape Town, South Africa, Apr 24 (EFE/EPA).-(Camera: Nic Bothma) When he fell ill following a routine operation, no-one suspected Hector Elliot had come down with Covid-19. The 47-year-old runner of ultra-marathons is not the type of person usually associated with aggressive forms of the disease, which poses the greatest risk to older people and those with underlying health conditions.INTERVIEW WITH HECTOR ELLIOT.

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