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Teacher performs dance with school children, video goes viral


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    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have surprised school children with a video call amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Cool Moves? Ice Swimmers Recreate Satisfaction Challenge Viral Dance Video

    The Irkutsk Walrus’ Club, headed by Andrei Bugai, recreated the viral “Satisfaction Challenge” dance video at their ice swimming hole on Lake Baikal on Monday. A controversial parody of Benny Benassi’s "Satisfaction" by cadets from the Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation, which featured a group of male students dancing in only their underwear, took the Internet by storm when it appeared online on January 16. Not wanting to be left out or outdone, the Irkutsk ‘Walruses,’ a colloquial Russian term for people who swim in freezing water, created their own "beach" party on frozen Lake Baikal.

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    There are some truly talented children in the world who can already perform amazing feats that leave most adults with their jaw near the floor. Ruptly has found one of those talented toddlers dancing like a rock star in the Chinese city of Chongqing. Meet 5-year-old Dailan Jingyi, a dancer that can keep tempo while performing even the most complex moves. In fact, Dailan's incredible dancing skills have already landed her a job! She's now an aerobics instructor, helping her boss lead dancing exercises for women in her hometown. The pint-sized dancer has been leading aerobics classes since November, performing moves for dozens of female fitness enthusiasts right alongside lead instructor Hong Shuangshaun. The small figure can be seen preparing her mat every evening from 7:30 on stage at the city district's plaza before swaying the crowd for 90 minutes or more, when the weather allows. Incredibly, Dailan learned to dance only two months before she began leading lessons after being spotted by the district’s lead dance instructor. She began training and soon ended up on stage alongside the teacher. Dailan's unforgettable dance moves has caused Chinese social media to dub her 'China’s youngest dancing auntie'.

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