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Man Creates 'Soviet Snowplough' from Classic Lada Car Chassis


Tired of struggling through the snow in Russia's cold winter, 59-year old inventor Nikolay Rodin built a snowplough to clear the rads using a classic Soviet Lada car in his Siberian home city of Barnaul. The bumbling beast of car, rattling through the roads on giant caterpillar tracks with a freshly painted Lada chassis, should probably be called the Soviet Snowplow from now on. It took Nikolay three months to convert the old Lada 2107 Zhiguli into a snowplough, which he uses to clear the roads near his home. The caterpillar tracks on Rodin's home-made snowplough allows the vehicle to turn a full 360 degrees. Now his neighbours call him 'Uncle Kolya' - he's become famous in his neck of the city for his ability to restore cars and to build high quality car prototypes. What do you think about clearing some roads with the Soviet Snowplow?

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