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Hello boys and girls, and welcome to Toyville!GET more TED ► http://is.gd/MoreTedWelcome to Toyville! Just like any other city there's crime, drugs, and maybe a little bit of prositution. In this episode Ted wants his money and he'll do anything to get it.Harry Partridge: http://www.youtube.com/harrypartridgeBrock Baker: http://www.youtube.com/McGoiterSTAY CONNECTED:Check out our Facebook ► http://is.gd/huhafacebookFollow us on Twitter ► http://is.gd/twitterhuha / @hu_ha_For BONUS videos go to ► http://www.youtube.com/huhatwoMORE TED OR DEAD:Ted or Dead! | Trailer: http://youtu.be/-l1bGwwNuCoThe Ballad of Mr Bricks | Ted or Dead Ep 2 ft. Harry Partridge and Brock Baker: http://youtu.be/9HRwevfjh38ABOUT TED OR DEAD:Hello boys and girls lets see what's happening in ToyVille! Meet Mr. Ted He's the naughtiest bear in the town. Join us as we follow him round and meet all of his friends.ABOUT HUHA:HuHa is brightly-coloured animated flipflappery for adults. And by that we mean it's home to the tastiest comedy toons on YouTube - featuring animal assassins, crime-fighting butchers, appalling advice and shocking greetings cards to send your frenemies.In the kitchen is Head chef Mr Weebl (the guy who brought you singing narwhals and that badger song. You know the one. It goes "badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers". It's about badgers) and he'll be serving up a technicolour soup of delicious adult animation for your delectation.

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