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Prepare for Butterflies in Your Stomach With These Insect Delicacies


German entrepreneur Folke Dammann runs an unusual backery business from the kitchen of his home near Hamburg. All of his delectable sweets are made with insects. Folke has carved his own niche in the culinary world by concocting confections with all sorts of different types of insects. Some of his most popular treats include chocolate covered worms and crunchy grasshoppers served with sweet strawberries. The insect business isn't all flowers and butterflies. Selling insect-based sweets has proven to be quite a challenge for Folke due to Germany's ban on breeding insects for human consumption. To get around the German ban, Folke must import the insects from neighbouring countries with more liberal insect breeding policies, such as France. Of the one million known types of insect species, only about 2000 are edible. However, insect breeding requires much less resources than raising livestock. The UN and other global organizations have attempted to break the apparent taboo about eating insects that keeps most people very wary of even any dishes which anything creepy or crawly. Folke's business is one small step to erase the taboo.

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