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Climate refugees finally get place to live in Bangladeshi capital


Dhaka, Feb 19 (EFE/EPA).- Begum, a woman in her 60s, finally found a place to live after losing her home in a flood in 1988, forcing her to come to Dhaka, where for years she lived as a mendicant on the street.Earlier this month, she moved to a shelter for climate refugees in the Bangladeshi capital, a city of 18 million people and where countless people find themselves without a roof over their heads – a large number of them victims of natural disasters.The facility, built over 84,000 square feet near a ferry terminal, was constructed by the Dhaka South City Corporation, following discussions on climate refugees at the C40 World Mayors Summit. (Camera: MONIRUL ALAM).SHOT LIST: A CLIMATE REFUGEES SHELTER CENTER IN SADARGHAT, DHAKA, BANGLADESH.SOUND BITES: RAHEBA KHATUN, PROJECT’S ASSISTANT COORDINATOR (IN ENGLISH).

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