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A hospital with 200 ICU beds inaugurated in Milan


Milan (Italy), Mar 31, EFE, (Camera: Marco Todarello).- A hospital that will have 200 places in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been built in ten days to help coronavirus patients and was inaugurated on Tuesday in the Fiera di Milano building (northern Italy), thanks to funds donated by several benefactors. FOOTAGE OF THE HOSPITAL AT THE MILAN FAIR. SOUNDBITES FROM ATTILIO FONTANTA, PRESIDENT OF THE LOMBARDY REGION AND EZIO BELLERI, GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE POLYCLINIC OF MILANATTILIO FONTANTA, PRESIDENT OF THE LOMBARDY REGION"Here we have not made a hospital, we have made a hospital of very high quality, very high technology, which in my opinion will become a reference point for the resuscitation of our whole country. So much so that the government has proposed to reproduce what we have done here at the Fiera in central and southern Italy.""Here we have an example of the history of what our territory is: hardworking, operative, courageous, that does not stop in the face of any difficulty, creative, proactive and generous. I believe that this is really the representation of the history of this great region.""It will surely be necessary to change towards a greater autonomy (of Lombardy), because the regional part has worked in a completely impeccable and excellent way. I will end here.""We haven't won anything yet, so I recommend that we leave the enthusiasm behind, not spread it around. People must still stay at home, respect the rules. This is the only way we can definitely win our battle."EZIO BELLERI, DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE MILAN POLYCLINIC"There are 200 bed sites, the first 28 will be activated in the next few days. There will be 200 anesthesiologists and rescuers, 500 nurses and about 200 other professionals working in this hospital area, so we are talking about almost 900 people."

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