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Jeepney drivers in Philippines ask gov't to speed up COVID-19 aid


Quezon City, May 1 (EFE/EPA).- Labor organizations in the public transport sector on Friday held a pres conference in Metro Manila, calling on the government to speed up COVID-19 aid to mark International Labor Day. The union demanded the Philippine government speed up food relief and cash subsidy, as drivers and workers in the transport sector have lost their source of income due to suspension of mass transport resulting from quarantine protocols aimed at battling the coronavirus pandemic. International Labor Day takes place each year on May 1 as a celebration of workers and labor rights, and is an official public holiday in several countries. (Camera: ROLEX DELA PENA). SHOT LIST: LEADERS OF LABOR ORGANIZATIONS IN THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SECTOR HOLD A PRESS CONFERENCE TO MARK LABOR DAY AND JEEPNEY DRIVERS AT A DEPOT IN QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES

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