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DR Congo marks 60 years of independence from Belgian colonial rule


In tonight's edition: Belgium's King Philippe expressed his "deepest regrets" for the harm done during Belgian colonial rule in DR Congo, in a first for his country. Philippe made his remarks in a letter to the president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Felix Tshisekedi, on the 60th anniversary of Congo's independence on June 30, 1960. And in Belgium, young people are working towards reclaiming their Congolese identity as  remains of colonial rule are still dotted throughout their cities. Finally, we head to Chad where Covid-19 is hitting the economy hard.

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    As DR Congo marks 60 years since independence from Belgian rule, only scant archival knowledge exists about the crimes committed during the colonial era, including the system of forced labour implemented by the Belgians. On Tuesday, Belgium’s King Philippe broke with tradition by acknowledging his ‘deepest regret’ over the country’s role in DR Congo’s recent history.

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    Belgium's King Philippe expressed his “deepest regrets” for his nation's abuses in its former colony Congo, telling lawmakers Wednesday on his first official trip to the country that Belgian colonial rule was unjustifiable and racist.

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  • Belgian king reaffirms profound regrets for colonial past in DR Congo

    Belgium's King Philippe said he reaffirmed his "profound regrets" for his country's brutal colonial past in Democratic Republic of Congo on his first trip to the central African nation. For more analysis, joining FRANCE 24 is Kris Berwouts, Independent Expert on Conflict, Security and Democracy in Central Africa. He describes the visit of the Belgian king as an important event. "It's the first time that the present king is visiting the country." But the real question is "what will the speech do to contribute to the process of rewriting colonial history and redefine the relationship between Belgium and the Congo in a truly decolonized partnership."

    09/06/2022 - France 24 EN

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