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Trump supporters demand vote recount at Detroit ballot center


Supporters of US President Donald Trump gather outside the TCF Center in Detroit, where ballots are being counted, chanting demands for a recount of the votes. Biden has a significant lead in Michigan but the Trump campaign has announced a lawsuit there, where it has already been dismissed. IMAGES

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  • Trump Campaign Abandons Arizona Lawsuit Seeking Ballot Review

    Lawyers for the Trump campaign have dropped the Arizona lawsuit that sought a review of all ballots cast on Election Day. The decision to abandon the suit came after finding Biden's margin of victory could not be overcome. According to CNN, Trump lawyers filed the lawsuit on Saturday alleging some voters were confused on Election Day. According to the suit confused voters thought their votes were not counted. They also thought vote tabulation machines classified their ballots as overvotes. They were seeking a hand review of any ballots flagged by the machine as overvotes. Lawyers and the Secretary of State filed papers showing the difference in votes is too large to overcome. The difference between Biden and Trump is 11,414 with 10,315 ballots left to be counted.

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    As supporters of US President Donald Trump protest outside Phoenix's vote counting center, workers inside continue to dilligently process and count ballots. There is some uncertainty surrounding Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes. Fox News has called Arizona in Biden's favor, but other media have been more cautious. With Arizona, Biden would currently have 264 electoral votes. IMAGES

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    Supporters of US President Donald Trump gather outside Arizona's Maricopa County counting center in Phoenix as ballots are verified inside, holding signs alleging unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. Several major US news outlets have projected Trump's Democratic challenger Joe Biden has won the state, while others still have not called the state. IMAGES

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  • Ballot counting in Wisconsin as Trump campaign asks for a recount

    Images of the Central Count for Milwaukee building the state of Wisconsin, as US President Donald Trump's campaign says it is demanding a recount in the battleground state, where early returns show Democrat Joe Biden has a slender lead. IMAGES

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  • Trump Campaign Kicks Off Recount Demand Spree

    The campaign to re-elect President Donald Trump has decided to badger the Badger State for a recount. Business Insider reports the Trump campaign is demanding a recount in Wisconsin, which has ten Electoral College votes. As of November 4th, 98% of the statewide vote is in. Biden has 49.4%, and Trump has 48.8%--a difference of only 20,510 votes. Winning the state is critical to both President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden in their respective paths to victory. Wisconsin does not mandate automatic recounts. However, a candidate can request one if he or she is behind by less than 1% of the vote.

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